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So cold at work!!!

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Oh my lordy it's like the inside of a freezer in here today. They always have the A/C on soooo cold! I'm wearing jeans, closed in shoes, a 3/4 sleeve top, and a fleece and am still freezing.

Do they think we work better if we're shivering?? I'm buying a heater to bring in next week...
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Do you work around of mainframe computers? I know when I used to work at the Telephone Company, they used to keep the place freezing. They said they had to keep it cold for the computers.
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Our temperature here is always too hot or too cold but never just right or even close to right!
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It was 62 degrees F when I got to has since warmed up to 66 degrees. I am SO COLD! I am wearing two shirts, and a long sweater, but it is just too chilly. And every time it seems like it is evening out, someone opens the door next to my office and I get a new blast of icy air from outside.


Hope it gets better for you soon, Sarah!
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I work for a software company and there are lots of servers and things, but they're kept in climate controlled rooms...

I borrowed someone's heater who isn't in today and warming up nicely now
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Thats weird that you are so cold you need a heater..they should make sure their employees are comfy!!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Thats weird that you are so cold you need a heater..they should make sure their employees are comfy!!
I know!! I've had a few people hear my heater come in and just stand in front of it to warm up until I kick them out of my cube
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I think we must work in the same office! It is 70 degrees outside and 60 in here! Brrr! I want to go set up next to the window or take my laptop outside! I think they do it to keep us awake, but darn it's freezing!
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Well, I have good news. I went out to lunch, and absolutely cooked myself with the car heater. I also bought a pair of warm socks at the dollar store, and kept my office door shut. The good news is that the room is up to 67 degrees, and it feels absolutely balmy! The hallway remains I guess I'm being antisocial today and keeping that door closed!

I hope the rest of you get warm soon. Miss....could you open a window and let some heat in? (My boss used to hate when I did we are in a new building, and the windows don't open. I guess he fixed me!)
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Dont any of you come to England, God , you are sure to get hypothermia
Its only ever that hot here in Summer
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Its cold here too!
I think the reasoning in my department is that if cold you can put on a sweater, whereas if hot, theres only so much you can take off before becoming indecent (and given the weather is changing, people are more heavily dressed)....excuses excuses, they should turn up the heat a little!
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My work is always way too warm, but then again I work in a restaurant not an office. I'm really cold in my house today, but I don't want to turn the heat on.
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