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Dear Lola

I met you when you were only a few weeks old. You were the most agressive cat in the litter. You were so small and so tough. I looked into the box and you looked up at me. that sweet face melted my heart. I was told I could have you. So a few weeks later, you were all ready to come home.

your two new dads picked you up and took you food shopping with us. I can still remember how tight you held on to me in the car. I remember you sitting in the shopping cart, swatting at what I threw in. you meowed and enjoyed the attention you got from all the other shoppers.

the first two weeks were amazing. how you almost instantly connected with me. so small you were, on my shoulder while I cooked, hiding your face when it got too hot. and the only cat i have ever heard of that liked the shower. i remember your wet fur against my leg and the echo of your meow,

we went and saved your brother a week later. he was so scared, a fear that would be melted by his big sister. you swatted him and everything was good. the bond you shared with him leaves my heart boken.

i have so many many memories of you and me. taking the sun together, how you would sleep against me in the bright sun, strecthed out.

the way you would lick my tears away when I was in pain. now that you are gone, there is no one to lick my tears, your brother is too sad.

when you died last week, my heart evaporated. i dont know if I will ever get it back. your other dad misses you so much, the pain he felt when you died could be felt deeply. i couldnt speak for a good ten minutes. then the doctor brought you in to me. I sang to you baby, I didnt want you to leave this earth without a song. you so loved music. I sang you your favorite. the one that made you roll on the floor. i know you heard me, I could feel you rubbing my face. your body was so warm, I kept kissing you even though the doctors asked me not to. I wanted to leave apart of me with you. i wanted you to feel love where there was fear. I miss you, its a pain I cannot explain, nor have I felt before. I am so sorry you died alone, I wish they would have let me back there, but they were trying to save you. they couldnt.

you, more than any other person/whatever in my life, made me smile. the love you showed me was unconditional and I am so thankful for it.

I am so sorry if you were ill, the doctor said you were fine. the way you left me and the pain in your face will haunt me for years to come.

i feel like you deserved so much better. but there was no way for us to know.

you brother is sleeping in my lap. he misses you. we both wish you could come home, he is so lost without you. I am so lost without you, you were so much more than a cat. you were indeed the best friend a guy could ever ask for. i miss you chunky princess. your stain will stain with me for life.
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Oh my
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What a Lovely Tribute to your sweet Lola, It has made my heart brake and made me cry.
I can only tell you that you did what was best and what you knew how to do, there is no good way to explain why things turn out the way they do. I know your pain because I feel it in my Heart. Please rest assured that the pain will ease when you are ready to let it, I am very sure that she knew how much you Loved her that is evident in this post.
I like to beleive that they do not miss us I think that would make the pain so much worse, I hope you will soon know that your Beautiful Lola is ok she is at The Bridge playing with all the kitties that have crossed before her, and she will be watching over you, she doesn't want you to suffer, she will be waiting untill you can be together again, and then you can feel all of that Love again. My Heart goes out to you, and I hope that you get some comfort soon. RIP Sweet Lola at the Bridge and Play and be free of any pain. You will be in my Thoughts and Prayers to you in this time of pain.
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I am so very sorry for your loss of Lola. She sounds like a very special kitty, and the bond you had was more than most of us ever find. Your post made me fall in love with your baby!

Give her brother a kiss for me, please. I hope he will be a comfort to you, as my Festie has been to me since we lost her sister Mattie a few years ago.

Rest in peace, sweet girl.
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KittenKiya's Clan weeps with you.
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RIP sweet Lola, you were obviously very loved
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What a beautiful tribute to precious Lola. I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet girl.
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What a beautiful tribute for dear sweet Lola. I can feel your pain. My condolences to you, her other Dad and to her brother. May you Rest in Peace precious Lola...
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A truly beautful tribute.

I am so sorry for your loss, for Lola's other dad's loss, for her brother's loss.

Rest in peace and play Lola. Remember to look down in love on those struggling with the pain of their loss.
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RIP Lola. Our other Rainbow kitties will take care of you at the Bridge.
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My heart weeps with you on your great loss of sweet Lola. She knows just how much you love her, and she's with you always.
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Condolences on losing the precious princess in your family. What a sad loss for you all. Lola knows that you tried to save her, and she is now pain-free, and has made the journey that someday we must all travel. Your love lit the path that she needed to go on, and when she crossed over, your love went with her and will guide her back to you when you two are reunited again,over the Bridge, together forever. Susan
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Condolences for a much loved kitty, I'm sorry she was taken so soon.

I hate to mention it so soon, but if her brother is really lonely, another kitty friend for him can often really help him deal with her loss. I know it's the last thing you're thinking of right now, but do not feel guilty about trying to "replace" your beautiful Lola if you think it'll help.

Big for you.
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I am sorry for your loss

Rest in Peace precious Lola over the Rainbow Bridge
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Condolences for a much loved kitty, I'm sorry she was taken so soon.

I hate to mention it so soon, but if her brother is really lonely, another kitty friend for him can often really help him deal with her loss. I know it's the last thing you're thinking of right now, but do not feel guilty about trying to "replace" your beautiful Lola if you think it'll help.

Big for you.
I just read about Apple in your other posts, and it sounds as though she's mending some broken hearts already. She has a wonderful home with her 2 ads and brother, so I think she'll settle in fast with Ari
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I'm so sorry for your loss of your beauty Lola, your tribute to her is very beautiful, it's obvious how much you love her and she knows that!! RIP sweet Lola.
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i am so sorry to hear about your loss, that is a lovely tribute. RIP little one.
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*Hugs* to you and your family. I know how painful the loss of your beloved kitty can be. I lost Bugsey in July, and my heart still aches when I see something that reminds me of him. Know that you will heal with time, and that Lola is in a place with no pain, but she's missing you too, you were obviously a great daddy to a great little gal
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RIP little one, run and play over the bridge with your new-fur-friends

Your beautiful words will float up high to the Bridge, Lola will know she was much loved
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