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Rear end up in the air????

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I came home last night from being away for one night and my 4 month kitten immediately urinated on the rug at my front door. She has not had this problem before. I cleaned the litter box (my husband didn't do this while I was away) and went about my business. She then got up in my lap and was acting really weird. She would stick her rear end up and press her head and chest into my lap while moving her hind paws. She has never acted like this before. I thought she was just glad to see me but this morning she was doing the head/chest on the floor while her back paws were moving and her tail stuck staight up in the air. She did this for a while and then ran down the hallway like normal. But right when I was about to walk out the door, I noticed her under the table in this strange position again. It was almost a Downward Dog Yoga position if you know what I mean. Should I be concerned? Has anyone else ever had an experience like this?
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Welcome to TCS...
You will receive a lot of support here.

Has your girl been spayed yet?
Is it possible that she is going into heat?
You might want to take her into your vet to be checked.
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I just called the vet and they laughed and said she was probably in heat. I was worried she was having some sort of seziure. She is so tiny that it never occured to me that she would already be in heat. She was scheduled to be spayed next week but they told me to bring her by this afternoon and they would see what they could do. Thanks for your help!!!
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Yup sounds like she's in heat..
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Did you take your girl in to be spayed today?

I hope that you become a regular here on TCS.
It is a wonderful place with nice people who love kitties too.
Please let us know how your girl is doing.

And once again....
Welcome to TCS.
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