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Just learned from my mom that one of the kittens, Jack (5 1/2 months) that my brother and SIL adopted earlier this month has some litterbox issues. He's urinated and pooped outside the box on several occassions in the past few days. I'm surprised my brother and SIL didn't call me for advice about this, especially because they adopted Jack and Dori (3 months) from the TNR group I volunteered with. I don't know enough about the situation yet to ask for or even give advice. I do know they only have one litterbox, which could be part of the problem. I left a message for them saying the first thing to do is get Jack to the vet. Apparently Dori's doing fine with the litterbox. So was Jack up until a few days ago.

I'm thinking this has to be medical issue or they changed something, maybe the type of litter, that's causing Jack to do this. For now, if you guys can just send some vibes for Jack, that would great. I personally don't have much experience with litterbox issues with my own cats, so have already pulled some stuff off TCS, so I can give my brother and SIL advice.