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We have a 1.5 year old cat and a 4 month old kitten. The cat has always had very little in the way of bowel movements, and they don't smell at all. She's not a big eater. The kitten, however, is another story -- we got her almost two weeks ago, and her stools have been unlike those of our older cat. She goes twice a day, morning and night, and there's TONS of it. It's formed but soft, if that makes any sense. It's hard enough to scoop easily out of the box, but it looks pretty mushy. It also smells really strong, like a diaper. Is this normal? I should add that we've been feeding her Solid Gold dry food (Katzenflocken) mixed with a few pieces of Innova EVO (about 1/2 cup total per day, and Wellness kitten wet food. The wet food is quite strong-smelling. She eats about twice as much dry food as my older cat, which I suppose is normal as she's growing. Basically, I don't know if her stools are unusual and if I should have them checked out. She had all her bloodwork and a fecal float done last week, and everything was fine. Any thoughts?