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You've got to be kidding me!

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OK, I just have to say, Are you kidding me? We are constantly running out of band-aids in the office area of where I work, so yesterday I grabbed a box fromt eh first aid office for us up here. Well someone just told me that a bunch of people got in trouble last week because the took a box. So I had to send an e-mail to the safety supervisor. Apparently they were talking about double locking everything over band-aids. This is a foundry, I can gaurntee you this should not be his major concern! It's just crazy here sometimes. I just thought I'd share the crazyness because I can't believe it!
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I once worked in a wood working factory where it was a huge deal to get them to supply dust masks. Yeah, I'm sure that really cuts into the profit margin.
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I know the feeling! We have an issue in my office with black pens walking away. I usually only use red so I have my 2 that I try to hang on to until a customer walks away with them. My boss hates ordering supplies when we run out. Oh and ink to re-ink my stamp that I used 1000 times a day? She almost didn't let us reorder that....
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We're real tight on supplies here too, but the company wastes so much money on other things my mom works in accounts payable and she is constantly trying to make suggestions to cut corners, but the "people in charge" seem to want to do things the stupid way
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I'm an RN, and when I was in nursing school I worked for a company as a Health Care Aid. One day they sent me to a nursing home. I had a number of incontinent men and women in my assignment. I was getting an elderly man up and needed to change his diaper. I went out to look for gloves and couldn't find any so I asked one of the regular staff. I was told that they don't use gloves there.

I refused to clean up poop and pee or any other body secretion without gloves!!! They told me that they would report me to me supervisor, I told them that there was no need, that I had already called her and left a message about the situation. Someone went and got some gloves from another floor for me.

I had the same situation at another nursing home where the staff felt that you didn't use gloves to clean up your baby's dirty diapers, so why would you need to use gloves there. Talk about backwards logic.

It's amazing how some companies try to get away with trying to make their employees pay for necessary equipment in order to do the job they are hired for.
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At my last job part of one job required working outside in all sorts of weather.
If you work in WI and the UP of MI in the winter (even for an hour or two) it gets cold-the company did not want to pay for those instant hand/feet warmers-a big box of them was like $9!!-the sales rep would spend more on doughnuts for a customer!
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