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Concerned about Snowy

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Hi all,
I am a bit concerned with Snowy. She has had the runs for a couple of days now and i dont know if this is normal. Will it be harmful to the kittens, Is there something wrong with her or is it just because she is pregnant. She was sick yesterday which was pretty gross. Does anyone know what is up with her. She is eating and drinking ok, and seems ok in herself but going to litter tray quite often , much more than normal.
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I don't know much about pregnant cat care, but I'm sure there's a wealth of info in the Pregnant cats forum : http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=36
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Might I please suggest that you call your vet as soon as possible? Whatever is going on will also affect the kits. Please let us know how she is after you talk with your vet.
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How far along is she?? I know that my cat started having the runs about 2 days before she gave birth and went to the litter box about once every 30 minutes, at least! I think it was because she was just trying to empty herself out in preparation for labor.
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Awwwwww your kittens are soooo lovely. how old are they. Snowy has about a week to go. They are due 1st week in November. She isn't going as much now. She must have heard me on the phone to the vet, either that or they isn't anything else she can possibly poo out. lol. She is sleeping a lot and she wont let me touch or stroke her belly. The vet assures me that some cats do get the runs and are sick up to 2 weeks before they deliver. He said i could take her up if she is no better tomorrow or gets worse. But like i say, she hasn't been now for a long time and she has had plenty to eat in that time too.
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I'm glad to hear she'd doing better and has "emptied out". My kittens are now almost 10 weeks old. In the picture they are 2 weeks old. In the picture they are actually in my lap. I want to enter it into a contest but I can't because the pic is too small, I took it with my cellphone. Awwww...I will just have to enjoy it myself.
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Thats a real shame, it is definately a winner.They are beautiful. Is there no way you can resize it.
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I could make it bigger but it looks bad, you know, you can see the color squares and stuff.
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The biggest I can making without it looking too bad is about 3x3
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Snowy is very beautiful we want to see more pictures!!!

Duchess and Princess
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