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I don't consider myself a picky eater but there are some things I just cannot bring myself to eat (escargot for one).

If I invite someone to my home for a meal the first thing I ask them is if there is anything they particularly like or dislike. We also had a friend of my husband's a few years ago that hardly liked anything at all. Because he was a good friend and we loved him, whenever he came for dinner I cooked things that I knew he would eat.

In your case, having 5-6 other people presents a different challenge. Personally I would cook my planned dinner and get a microwaveable meal for him that he likes. Also the garlic bread suggestion above is good - make a couple slices without the cheese for him.

I agree with Februa - if I invite someone to my home for dinner then the onus is on me to make something they can at least eat. If someone drops by without an invitation they must take whatever I'm offering.