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Life really bites right now!

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I just really need to vent! I am under so much stress and I jsut cannot take it. I have the constant feeling that I am going to puke and I don't have any illness other than stress. Everything was going pretty good until I checked my bank statemnt. The electric bill I payed on line LAST WEEK just came out of my account and caused me to over draft twice! $70 bucks gone! But that isn't anyone's fault but mine. I should have made sure it was out before I spent more money. So I am over that I guess. There is a million things to do before Lee flies out on the 3rd and then I don't have anyone to help me with anything. Luckily Lee will be making more money and be able to help pay more bills than he is now being on unemployment.
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I hate that feeling of anxiety where every nerve feels like it is about to break. Take deep breaths, concentrate on one task at a time, and feel comfortable to come here and vent.
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Thanks. I do feel comfortable coming here to vent. I have been very weepy and emotional lately anyways and this doesn't help at all! I have cried about Lee leaving everynight this week! I keep coming to work puffy eyed and exhausted. My mom keeps asking if I am alright and i know she means well but if she asks again I am going to scream!
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I'm sorry your having a rough are some hugs to get you through the day
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Aww Honey, I wish there was something I could do to help.........someday this will be all behind you.........but right now, just take some time for yourself to relax.........and of course chocolate works wonders........
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I know this feeling all too well like they say, when it rains it pours! Like Susie said, soon this will all be behind you- look forward! and breathe deeply
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Aww I am sorry you are going threw a hard time i will send you some good vibes in hopes that things get a little easier for you. )))~~*GOOD VIBE*~~(((
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Do you have an automatic payment set up or do you go in and put the payment date in yourself?
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I payed it myself but my insurance is atuomated and I always for get that it comes out on the 25th.
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I know how it is - some days recently I just thought I was going to lose it completely as so many things have gone wrong over the last four months that I can't believe it. We have to be there for each other ( thank heaven for TCS) and know that somewhere sometime there will be a way out.
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I have been having the same feelings, i feel like puking at work, and i get so dizzy, then out of no where i will get hunger attacks.
My heart beats faster and i just want to lose it.
With everything going on at home and the move its so stressing!

everything will turn out OK! i promise
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I feel much better now. I know if I need money I can go to my parents but I hate to do that. Life goes on!

Thanks for the support everyone!
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lots of vibes comming your way
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