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the Daily Thread Thursday Oct 26

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Morning TCS! Brr, another chilly morning in the 30's for us. And rain tomorrow. At least I'll be at work and won't miss anything!

Well I see that Susie is still looking for who sent her those Brazilians, so this should be an exciting day with her running around looking for the culprit.

Have a great day, Kitty Lovers!
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Morning everyone,

Nothing too exciting today, I think it will be kinda chilly here today again..I guess I might as well get used to that now.

I am kinda poopy today..hopefully work goes by fast.

Have a good day all!
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Not much going on here today.....other than trying to fight off the strep throat.
It's a cool day here today again.Suppose to be around 50.
Have a GREAT day all!!
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Good Morning!! I am a little tired. The girls decided that they should be in the bedroom with us at about 2:30 this morning. THey know they don't sleep with us and its never bothered them until this week. So I had to go and hiss at them and hurry back to bed!

I have been trying unsuccessfully to win Trace Adkins tickets with laundry-mat lotto. It suck not winning!! That would be a really fun last hurrah before Lee goes as the concert is the night before he flies out! There is still time to win though!
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Hey Natalie, your pessimism is showing.... Don't be giving up on blue pants yet.
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Ugh! I just check my bank statement and I overdrafted... again! That is $70 buck down the drain on NOTHING!! I am cutting up my debit card!
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Blucky cold weather has set in. It was so nice to see some sun yesterday, if only briefly.
Today I'm going to think long and hard about whether I should return the $100 cashmere sweater I bought the other day.
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It's definately chilly here for South Florida! It only got up to mid 70s yesturday! I love it!

It's funny to see the people who have lived here too long, they were all walking around in sweaters and scarves last night b/c it got down to 60!
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It was a warm 29F this am losts of frost on everything!!! But "warming " up to about 51 today and its sunny. So I will be doing some raking later.
Then its one of my fav days of the year. The AAUW annual booksale. Starts at 4 pm (dumb time) I will get their around 3:30 to get a good place in line. They moved locations as last yr it was too small-then there were the mommies with strollers-hello no room for that!!
Went shopping (again) yesterday. DH only gets paid once/month so I do a big stock up now!! Target had big boxes of candy bars (full size) on sale 25 for $9.99 and $30 for $9.99. Guess I have plenty now!!
And bought a new pair of boots and 3 new hardcover books even though I alocate $20 for the book sale (@$1/book)

Have a good day!!!
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Not much here but WIND lots of it, and it will be killing my allergies Never a minutes peace
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Im a bit late on this thread but it doesnt matter
Ive been up since 4 am! my eyes really hurt, i think i need to go to bed at about 8 pm!! but then i think... jesus thats WAY too early!

I finally got my tax card, wooppee de doo! Atleast there is a advantage of it.. if i am broke and have no job then the German welfare have to pay me.. tut tut..

I was at work this morning, luckly tomorrow i finish at 12 too, I ordered my stove and its arriving tomorrow at 2 pm!
Saturday i pick up my couch from Ikea
Sunday i am moving... WOW i cant believe it

I am glad so many things are now resolved
Have a nice evening everyone!!
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