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No More Vomiting!

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I've had a problem with my 5 year old Rocket. (He's the big B/W one in the pic.) He would throw up his food right after eating. He wasn't losing any weight, and the vet said he was healthy. He would just eat too fast and it would come right back up.
I tried several different things, but finally we have success!
All the cats are now on Evolve dry food, and they split a can of Evolve twice a day. We give Rocket a small amount and "pat" it down into his bowl...spreading it out and slowing him down. I also elevated the dry feeders which helps slow him down when eating the dry. (He takes one piece out at a time ;-) )
If anyone else has had this problem, I would highly recommend Evolve.
It's all natural, high quality, and all 7 of my monsters love it!
Their coats are shiney and softer than they've ever been. And NO MORE CHUNDER!!! (Having white carpeting, this is a major victory!)

P.S. My other savior??? OXY-CLEAN! ;-)
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What a nice family! Glad everything worked out. It is amazing what elevating the bowls can do for a problem choker or vomiter. That plus remembering you are feeding the "kitty" and not the "bowl!"
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What a beautiful brood of kitties. How you manage to keep your carpets to clean is beyond me.

I have hard floors mostly - and a good job too! The amount of food, fur, stray poops and general kitty residue means a wipe down of (certainly the basedment floors) most days.

And I've only got 3 cats and a husband!
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I'm sure I read about elevating the chow bowls on here somewhere.
Maybe Hissy's or Sandy's posts.
Whoever suggested it, I thank you for the idea! Rocket had been just fine when he started to do this, too. So of course I had him checked out by the vet, but when there was nothing physically wrong with him, it was just a matter of finding the right chow and slowing him down.

Thanks again for all the help!
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