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What's your favorite toppings on pizza? For me I like two different kinds ham and pinapple with extra cheese and sausage and pepperoni with extra cheese. I always like extra cheese on my pizzas I also like meat lovers. But I don't like veggies on mine. Opps did I say that out loud.
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I love mushrooms
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My fave is Pinapple,ham & feta cheese
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pepperoni and mushrooms got to be stuff crust pizza yum
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I'm picky about Pizza. I dont do ham but if it's Canadian Bacon that's my favorite. If we order from Domino's its Beef Onions and Mushrooms.
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I like Ham and Pinapple Or
BBQ chicken
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I like pepporoni, Peppers and onions!!!

Wow, I've never had pinapple pizza, I better try that one day!
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They call it a Hawian style pizza
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I really like veggie pizza (light on the cheese because it doesn't agree with me). My next favourite is Greek or Ham and Pineapple.
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My favorite is olive, onion and mushrooms on thick crust. (I'm a vegetarian.)
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I love anchovies,ham,mushrooms on my pizza.
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brocoli, onions and roasted red peppers
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It used to be pepperoni, mushrooms and green pepper. Now I'm trying to be healthier so I order chicken, onions and either green pepper or mushrooms. I also like veggie pizza.
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Goat/ mozzarella cheese, roasted peppers and onions with a pesto base on a thin crust ( I have one every week). I'm also a plain cheese tomato kind of gal, but I'll eat a combo if I have to although I pick out the pepperoni.
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Just plain ol' cheese for me!
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We just had pizza tonight!!!!!! I love pizza!

My all time favorite is ham, pineapple & mushrooms. Chad hates "fungus" so I have to do without the shrooms but it's still good!

2nd favorite would be like a tomato, basil & garlic... a margarita pizza! Yum!! Hmmm... this might be my first favorite...
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Originally Posted by SarahBeez View Post
My all time favorite is ham, pineapple & mushrooms. Chad hates "fungus" so I have to do without the shrooms but it's still good!
I don't like the fungus among us either. I'm actually afraid of mushrooms.
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I like Alfredo Bacon
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I go between four different pizzas (we order pizza a good bit...)

1) Papa John's Spinach Alfredo Chicken Tomato
2) Pizza Hut stuffed crust pepperoni
3) Hawaiian
4) BBQ chicken (w/ or w/out pineapple)
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