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My cats bowel movements

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Hi there -

I took my cat Jeeves to the vet today because I susspected constipation. He had not had a normal number 2 since sat night (its now wed). Only tiny little dry chunks coming out about once a day. however the vet felt his colon and didn't think it was blocked at all. Is there any suggesstion about why his bowels would be acting up or what I can do to encourage more pooping? (he is taking lax-ese right now). If the vet says he's fine, am i just being paranoid?

He's eating fine and peeing fine and playing fine. He's also not exibiting any signs on pain either.
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I think he's probably fine. Saki goes through phases where only one or two little tiny poops will come out.. and I get a little concerned, but then he'll end up doing a normal one a day or two later. You could give him a fingerful of petromalt once a day, that might soften him up.
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Did the vet say if he was dehydrated or not? Are you feeding wet food? If not, try feeding him some to get more water into his system.
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We had the same problem with Plato (who'd also get anal gland trouble and needed to have them 'expressed') til we put him on Medi-Cal dry food for 'senior' (or 'Geriatric') cats (it's the purple bag of the series) even though he was quite young, and not only does he love it, it has made all the difference and while he also still gets 'wet' food, he has a bunch of the M-C at every meal too and has no more constipation or dry stools.
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