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I'm back

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Hi All,
Well after a long time away I am finally back, and boy have I missed you guys.
Lets see, where do I start, Ok We have moved, Greybeard got a new position in a wonderful country town, we are all well. And have adopted another baby girl.
Persian cross Himalayan she is grey and fluffy and resembles Greybeard LOL
We have named her Misty Morgan
So now we are a 6-cat family.
Mishka, Roxanne, Bindi, Moofy, Monty, and Misty
Oh its so good to be back
Tish +6
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Tish! Welcome back.
Have a little welcome back blob party!
:icecream: :icecream:
:icecream: :icecream:
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Welcome back. You must've left before I joined, but Hi anyway, your furry tribe sounds great. And Greybeard, is he your other half? Is is a monster beard (ZZ Top) or just a little goatee?

I'm SO nosey!!
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Welcome back, Tish! I remember when you were here before and it's good to see you posting again!
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I remember you! Welcome back, its great that you've decided to join us again!
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Hi Yola hi all its is so good to be back here, now to answer a few questions , yes Greybeard is the other half, and its just a goatee thank the stars above I do not think I could handle a monster beard on him LOL, how ever Mishka loves Greybeards goatee spends every day grooming him or fleaing him LOL and you may be as nosey as you like.
*Sigh* I am finally back home with all my cat lover friends.
Tish +6
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Hi and welcome back even though I don't know you! I do look forward to your posts and getting to know more about you and your 6 kitties.
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It is GREAT to have you back!!! The new addition to your cat family sounds adorable!!! Do you have any pictures?
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2 old friends popping up at the same time! It is good to "see" old faces!
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Sorry no pics as yet the scanner is still I hope to have some soon but she is adorable , well they all are
Tish +
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