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Pumpkin Pie vs. Sweet Potato Pie

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Who likes what?

I always had a way of thinking they were secretly the same pie.

But if you really have eaten both they taste slightly different.

I prefer Sweet Potato Pie since I have family from Louisiana and TX. Thats all my family cooks. Southern foods from southern states.
Plus I dont like pumpkin that much..

Ever had pumpkin Chili ? The Nastiest thing in the world!
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I HATE pumpkin pie with a passion. So I'll take Sweet Potato any day of the week.
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I LOVE pumpkin pie!! I have been craving it a lot lately. Maybe I will make one to eat this weekend!
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I like them both, but like pumpkin just a little bit more
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Sweet Potato Pie gets tiredsome real quick dont get me wrong...

I could go for my Grandmas 7-up cake or her coconut Pie(her specialty)!
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Pumkin! I also like pumkin spice loaf, that is what I end up giving out at holiday parties!

On a side note, if you like sweet potatoes, I have a family recipe for sweet potatoe souflee that is TO DIE FOR!
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Stupid question what is Souflee?
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PUNKIN But I also Love Cheesecake Factory Pumpkin Cheesecake, never had sweetpotato pie
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I see pumpkin pie as the the greatest food invention EVER! omg I love it!, unfortunately, my dog ate the other half this mourning, Bad dog.
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Originally Posted by HappyHendrix View Post
Stupid question what is Souflee?

Oh, I think it is actually spelling Soufle (with accent over the e). I don't know why my mom called it soufle b/c it is not a true soufle (which to the best of my not-a-cook knowledge is a rising baked cake type thing). Someone with more kitchen experience would be able to provide a much better description I am sure.

I guess it's a soufle b/c it's hot and creamy in the center (being mashed sweet potatoes, sugar, butter, etc) and crusty on the top (brown sugar, pecans, more butter).
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Sweet tater pie please.
I make a mean pumpkin pie, but I hate pumpkin pie
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I love pumpkin pie, actually anything with pumpkin-Godiva makes a pumpkin truffle that is to die for. Chocolate with pumpkin pie filling.
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I was never that wild about pumpkin pie until I made it using Paula Dean's it's a favorite.

I've tried making sweet potato pie, but nothing compares to the one's Hatty would make (a gal who worked on my unit when I was still practising as a nurse). Hers were exquisite.
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Pumpkin Pie Rocks!!!! - I don't like sweet potato pie though because I hate potatoes
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Pumpkin has to be my favorite!
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I love pumpkin pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is byfar one of the best things that could have ahppened to this world!

I've never had sweet patato pie, actually I don't think I've ever had a sweet patato, its one of thoses things that just the looks of it groses me out!
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I think I prefer Sweet Potato. But I like them both alot. I like Squash Pie best though.
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Sweet Potato Pie drowning in cinnamon butter Or Pumpkin Pie slathered with whipped cream... I'm not picky as long as it's still warm
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mmmm hungry!
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I have a sweet potato/pecan pie that my Dixie DH LOVES. I kind of modified two recipies-one for the sweet potato (I just make half of the filling) and the I use the recipie for the pecan pie off of the Karo bottle and make half of THAT nad put the sweet potato in the bottom of the shell and the pecan stuff on top. YUMMY! BUt not diet food!!

Oh and as far as sweet potato vs pumpkin I like them both.
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Pumpkin pie....hands down...with some whipped cream on top YUM!!
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