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A little remembrance to Max.

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Its been about 4 years now, I just wanted to let him know, I still remeber him, and always will, even though you were only here for 19 days, I fell in love with you dearly, and miss you everyday, I'm sorry my brothers are careless, but they didn't mean to hurt you. R.I.P

Heres the only photo I have of Max, I'm just glad I managed to get at least one, I'm the one holding him. I was 14 then.
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I'm also going to put the little poem i wrote him the next day, the incedent happened october 2nd 2002, the poem was written oct 3rd 2002.[Also I was only 14 when I wrote this, and VERY upset, so alot of it doesn't make sence]


Max, I loved him so much
He use to greet me everyday at lunch
I'd open the door and he'd be there
Meowing at the top of the stairs
as I slowly picked him up, he'd rub his face against mine
looking at me as if he'd just caused crime
he use to sleep beside me every night
sometimes he just wanted to play and fight
and then the day had came
when my heart had been broken again
the day he left, yes he was gone
without him the days feel so long
when i have to go home at lunch
Oh my god I loved him so much
me and my friends all cried and cried
all I wanted to do was die
I cried so long, actually two days
it felt like I was lost in a maze
he was so cute and adorable
but this mess was just horrible
well i guess this is the end
I don't think my heart will ever mend
the nest day of the incedent
my dad took me out, I got a new kitten
I know he's not the same
but he'll keep me happy and form going insane
his name is junior and he'll fill a part
a part that max left in my heart
but that does not mean i will forget him
I can't believe he's gone its such a sin
tears drops will still fall
everynight your name I will call
well goodbye to you
and odn't forget I will always love you.
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Such a beautiful tribute.

Rest in continued peace and play Max.
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What a beautiful tribute to baby Max! Thank you for sharing. your line about the new kitten, " I know he's not the same, but he'll keep me from going insane" was especially touching. I am glad that you were given a new kitten for comfort. Baby cats are so fragile, and sometimes tragic accidents happen; now little Max is an angel over RB
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What a lovely tribute to max i am sorry for your families loss
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