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Bee Sting

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Haven't had to post any problems in a long long time (thankfully), until tonight. Tabatha my two year old tabby got stung by a bee on the tip of her ear. My husband pulled out the stinger cleanly. She was in quite a bit of pain for the first few mintues, but seems to be ok now. Any advice on what I can do to help her with the pain? I know vinager for humans, but I'm at a loss for her. I'll keep an eye on her tonight and if anything unusual happens I'll take her to the vet. But again, any idea's on how to help her feel a bit more comfortable....I know the last time I was stung it hurt like mad.

Thanks for your time,

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If she hasn't had a reaction to the sting in the first few minutes after it happened, she should be okay. You just want to watch for swelling and apply a cold compress if she will tolerate it. When my mustang got stung last summer, my vet told me to go get a tube of orajel (the toothache medicine) and apply it to Racer's neck to numb the skin and take the pain away. Whether that would hold true for a cat I don't know? But thought I would mention it.
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Debbi - one of my cats was stung twice on the lip when he was still quite a kitten a few years ago. We pulled the stinger out with tweezers and although the area remained a little red during the evening he was OK after a few hours.

Unless your cat is allergic to bee and wasp stings there shouldn't be any problem - if he is, do get him down to a vet as these reactions could be unpredicatble. I think the pain should subside pretty soon, and anyway, I understand cats have a different pain tollerance to humans (I'm sure I'll be corrected if that's not the case)
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Thanks for the info and advice...she's fine We found the bee's nest and disposed of it last night. Phew...one more episode over!!

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