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Drawer cat

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It took a while but Zoe's finally discovered just how comfortable the top drawer can be! I just put a cushion and her blankey in there and she's been just hangout out and dozing there for the past little while.

(I kinda stole this idea from the sleeping pictures thread.) Post pictures of the odd and unusual places your cats like to sleep in. Willow, my Dad's cat has recently taken to an endtable beside the couch, it has a little nook in it. We thought she had disappeared till I spotted her napping in there! At least it's better than halfway up the stairs, she blends into the carpet, I'm surprised no one's broken their neck yet.

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Aww Zoe is so cute!!

Here's Saki

And my Zoey peeking from inside of a drawer LOL (she got in from the back).

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That's a 5 star drawer! I don't blame her for curling up in there and napping. It looks rather cozy
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OK, here is my drawer cat. What is so maddening about this is that his bed is directly below the drawer he likes to sleep in! He must be doing this just for spite! OK, I think I will give the nice bed away to whoever can use it...

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Awwwww Persi looks so comfy there as well
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