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the case of the missing empanadas

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at 9:30 last night ( while watching a dvd of AbFab- my favorite guilty pleasure- in bed ) i looked over to see what abi was doing and she was delicately eating the edges of a marionberry empanada. the little deveil had gone downstairs, removed two from the plastic box they were packed in , eaten one and dragged the other upstairs as storage agst the long night. Since this is the worst thing she has ever done i had to laugh while i cleaned all the broken pieces off the carpet. I knew she liked brioche and now turnovers too? she is so much like her mommie.

later she managed to walk over the keyboard of the laptop I use to watch movies in bed and **** it down. if you see alot of nonsense letters in my posts, its abi letting her fingers do the walking.
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Sounds like Abi has been talking to 8-Bit.
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Sounds like she's been talking to Tammy-Timmy, too.
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The first time I gave Spot free roam of my apartment, he found the cookies. They were chocolate chip, and he ate two of them (he had diarrhea later but no other ill effects, fortunately). The next night, I thought I had done a better job putting away the cookies. Apparently I was wrong. The whole time Spot was with me I had to be very careful to put away EVERYTHING as he would find it and eat it otherwise. He would even dig into loaves of bread still wrapped.
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Peeka would LOVE a marionberry empanada but he's satisfied himself yesterday and today with half a stick of luscious butter, strait off the dish.

He's trying to put on weight, I guess.

Little dotted kitty tongue marks all over the butter. So cute....
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Java evidently got hungry one day & decided to snack on an Atkins bar - lucky for me, not one of the chocolate-covered ones! i came home to find this on the kitchen floor.

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Nothing less than Ben & Jerry's for Persi.
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