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Sort of Sleepy Tegato- He was asleep but woke up
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Sleepy Claude
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Here are several pictures of my furbabies sleepin

Jasmine & Isabella snuggling!

Jasmine feel asleep on Izzy and was squishing her lol...

Abilene snoozing away!

Velvet snuggling with her favorite giraffe

Velvet sleeping

Isabella getting her beauty rest

in my siggy,all of my furbabies are sleepin too
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Here is Kallie sleeping when she was about 4 months old.

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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
Smudge looks like a half-kitty in this pic - where's the hind end?
Stumpy got hungry
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i wish i could show you mine
Boo hoo.
only a few more days till my internet is installed at home.
then look out!
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Miagi :

Tiger :

Tiger isn't really sleeping in this picture, but I thought I'd post it anyways.

I really don't have that many of Tiger sleeping as he is always glued by my side.
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I LOVE the picture of Miagi laying on his/her back. It is SOOOOOOO cute!
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I woke his majesty....HOW DARE I?!?!?!
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Originally Posted by TortieBaby View Post
I LOVE the picture of Miagi laying on his/her back. It is SOOOOOOO cute!

thanks! I love that picture, too. he is such a show off. that's how he was beating the summer heat one day and my dad had to take pictures.
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"....uh...duh, ain't nobody waking up da' kittys unlessing it's something important 'cause the queen says so!"

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Gizmo, not asleep, just resting--but my favorite picture of her by far. She's asleep in the lower photo!

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this is Mikes Semi-sleep state
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gizmo( sorry it's so big)

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Originally Posted by Wildflower79 View Post
gizmo( sorry it's so big)

that is too cute!
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
that is too cute!
It's funny because the day I took that picture I couldn't find him anywhere. Finally found him back in the guest bedroom, sprawled out on the pillows and I just couldn't resist taking a picture.
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Aaw, I dont have any of Ceci sleeping. She is such a scaredy cat!

Will she ever just lounge on the couch like a normal cat?
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Joey sleeping
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Much and Carly (this is the closest we get two kitties together)


Much and Petunia (RIP)
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Joey and Sev 2 sleepyheads!!

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This is Jack sleeping in the garbage can

This is Chloe at 6 months
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Jack and Chloe's poses are great. They must be very relaxed, laid-back cats!
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Heres a few of Kink.
Half curled up on the couch.

sprawled out on the couch. See her shaven belly. the hair is slowly growing back.

I have posted this one before , but its just too cute.
Kink on the Drink.

This is a sleepy Puss.

And her are Tinkerbells newborns. only 3 days old.

I hope you enjoy my lil ones pics. I do love looking at everyones kitty pics.
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Heres the Queen sleeping .......

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It was tough to just pick a few, I can't resist a cute sleeping cat picture. They look so innocent, but you know they are just recharging the batteries

Shadow and a litter of Fosters, HE is my best foster mom

This is too cute. Cally got tired chasing the "mouse"

And my very fav . . My big tough macho truck drivign DH
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Almost forget the best one

Little Harry Potter at 8 days
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Just downloaded my camera and found these..

My latest batch of Fosters, Bear,Jack, Sam, and Sissy

And Sissy on the foot of my chair ..

And Butterscotch, who just found her very own forever home and is loving it ..
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Ooohh a sleepy kitty thread - my boys are AlWayS sleeping!

My all time favorite sleepy picture of Davidson

Sleeping together

And my big baby Harley
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I love when they put their paw over their eyes.
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viola as a kitten with my RB cat Gaby
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