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food change

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We're in the process of changing Orion from his meow mix to nutro hairball.

We decided to do that, since even with petromalt 2-3 times a week, he was still bringing up hairballs pretty regularly, and the vet said mos tpeople have luck with the hairball food.

So, my question is, is it normal for him to have an upset tummy, and runny poo during the switch? We're doing the dry food totally by the book over 7 days, and sort of switching off with the wet or sometimes mixing it with the fancy feast he usually eats, since he doesn't seem too crazy about the nutro wet foods. I've only found two he likes enough to eat all by themselves.

On saturday, we woke up to him puking up some of that white foamy stuff, and thats when we called the vet, and she suggested trying the hairball food, since she says hairballs can make thier little tummies upset. So that's when we made the switch. He didn't bring up a hairball that morning, and hasn't since, so I'm not sure if it's the hairball making him act kind of sick, or if it's the food change.

He's playing fine, but acting kind of goofy..like running away like his ass is on fire when we walk near him sometimes, and sticking his toungue way out of his mouth, and laying in the tub acting a little sad. He's a little more sleepy than usual, and has gagged a couple times like he's about to hack something up..but nothing has come up yet. Other than a little stubborness about the new wet food, he's eating and drinking just fine. His last poo was smaller than usual, and pretty runny. (heh, too much information yet)

So, can I probably chalk this up to the food switch, and see how he is by the end of the week, or does it sound more serious than that?

Warm Fuzzies,
Spring and Orion
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I'd maybe get the vet to do any xray. It could be that there is a furball blockage which isn't being shifted by the new food.

I find the furball food excellent - it give my cats little, firm poos (sorry), they used to get the runs something chronic with wet food, and now they are happy.

I could be that the food isn't agreeing. There are a number of furball brands out there - most of the premium manufacturers are making it now.

Most of them will give you sample packs FOC so you can test them to see if they agree with kitty.

Good luck!
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