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i just got back from the vet's with my cat , they think she has FIP.
they hoping it is just an infection which this is how there treating it , they want her back on friday for blood test's , q is
1. how long do i have to waite to know the result's?
2, i have 6 other cat's in my home what should i keep an eye out for ?
any info would be great as i do not know to much about it all i know there is no cure or vaccine in the uk for it
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just relised whould i put this on a different thread? forgot this was pregnant cat's and kitten's.
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I lost a kitty to FIP. There is no cure for it, so I hope your kitty doesn't have it! I was told to keep my FIP kitty separate from the others, but have since learned that it is not necessary to separate them.

The blood test can indicate FIP, but I don't think there are conclusive tests. What kind of symptoms does your kitty have?
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i brought her in to the vet's as she had some diarrhea , which has stoped , one of my cat's had been being sick for the last week or so , found out it was fluffy , no more sickness since monday though , and her belly is like a pot bellied , they did a needle test thing to make sure there was no fluid in there and luckly enough there wasn't .
they have put her on antibiotics , i have to go back friday for blood test , they seem 50% sure she does have it but 50% sure she dosn't , they told me to keep her away from the other cat's and kitten's , so i have made her up in my bedroom , she seem's happy in there at the moment , thanx for replying , also her eye's have slight blood shot on the white's , and they said her temp was very high
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