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the Daily Thread Hump Day Oct. 25

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Happy Hump Day TCS!

Cool morning here, but supposed to be nicer this afternoon and the rest of the week.

Not much going on here except work and more unpacking from the move. It is finally showing signs of progress!

Have a great day!
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Glad things are slowly coming togeter in the house, Neet! Must feel nice having a few less boxes!

A dull day here and I'm debating what time I fancy nipping out to the pet shop to buy cat food! I really have to go today, but am just not in the mood!

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!
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It's a cool day here.Not much going on other than helping DH fix my van.Both CV joints went out on it.
After that,gonna stay wrapped in a warm blankie................I'm getting strep throat and feel like CRAP!!!
Have a great day all.
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Oh Crittermom, strep throat is no fun...heres to a quick recovery

Today I thinkit will be sunny here, not snow/raining again thank goodness..

Just heading out to work soon, and nothing at all going on today...except of course hopefully today I will snag a date for this weekend with blue pants...that would be ideal but we'll see.

Um, I think thats about it!! Have a lovely day my dears
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Hi Guys,

Well i was up early and had all my shopping done by 10.30am when it started to rain and it hasn't stopped.

Tiggers new bed arrived in the post but she hasn't tried it out yet. Our new wall posters arrived as well, so they will need hanging.

Just watched a terrible rental movie, thats 90 minutes of my life gone....scary thought.

Not been feeling well for the last few days, guess i have a cold coming, thats just great
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Look at you all organised!

I'm still debating going to PAH to grab the food - the rain and the fireworks aren't making the decision positive that I will leave the house!

You know, I received a DVD from our rental thing and it was actually stuck to the return seal! Didn't even get to quite see what it was, let alone waste time watching it!
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