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Nismo + plant

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I got a text from Mark this morning to say that Nismo had eaten one of his Mums house plants, and was almost immediately sick. She did bring the leaf back up, and his Mum is checking on her throughout the day, to make sure she's eating, and is not lethargic or anything.
I am pretty sure she'll be fine since she threw it up but I was wondering if anybody knew how long ill effects from plants took to show, if there are going to be any?
I am not sure if it would affect her straight away (aswell as the throwing up) or she would gradually feel iller and iller?
I'm sure since she seems fine just now that she will be ok, but I know you guys will be able to confirm it for me
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Silly, Nismo!

Do you know what kind of plant it is? I don't have any experience with this, but I would have thought that as she'ss thrown it up immediately - it probably never even got down! (you know like when they try to swallow a long piece of grass! )

I think you're right to have Mark's Mum keep and eye on her! I'm sure she'll be fine!
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I'm sure you're right, I was just a little concerned that her little body reacted like that I want to give her a cuddle but I won't see her until tomorrow.
Just had a message, apparently she seems fine, I'd know for definate if I saw her, or if Mark saw her.
The biggest test will be whether she eats or not I suppose.
She is such a monster
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I know, it must be hard not being there with her and knowing exactly how she is! When will she get some yummy food? Get Mark's Mum to send you a text to let you know how she does at meal time, so it can set your mind at reast just a little bit!

They do like to make us worry, don't they?
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If you could identify the plant, then this might help:
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I did an internet search on chrysanthemums and found it listed as toxic to cats. I would call my vet and find out what to watch for. I hope your cat will be okay.
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Lauren, is Nismo still okay?

When Trout got really sick in March, it was because she ate a plant...so I just want to double check
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My Satey gave us quite a scare one holiday season when he munched a poinsettia, which is supposed to be highly toxic. Called poison control and everything. He didn't even vomit or have any adverse reactions. How is Nismo feeling today?
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Lauren, just saw this I hope Nismo is okay!!!
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Thankyou everyone
I am unable to get online much at the moment with moving house so it's a stolen moment on someone elses internet whenever I can grab it
Nismo is absolutely fine. Apparently her and Sleeves both got quite a fright when she was sick
She obviously brought it up before it could do her any harm but I don't think she'll be eating plants for a little while
I still haven't found out the name of the plant, but I will, and I'll update you all.
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