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Help Me Please, rapid breathing

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Hi i wonder if anyone can help me, my 14 month old cat Bruno seems to be breathing quite rapidly. I never really noticed it before until maybe monday evening when he was lying down with us watching tv. He acts normally otherwise - eats, drinks, poos and wees normally and is still playing but his breathing even at rest is quite rapid maybe 55-60 breathes per minute. Sometimes it goes down to about 45 per min so i dont know if maybe im just fussin over nothing. He has no other symptoms so I cant pinpoint what it could be. I wonder if anyone has this same problem. Would be great ot hear from anyone as i am so worried and will prob take him to the vets later, just to be sure.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!

I agree that a vet visit is the best thing that you can do for Bruno - it'll set your mind at rest too!

I am unable to diagnose what the problem might be, but there is a possibility that it could be asthma, in which case, your vet will be able to prescribe the correct medication to help him breath more easily!

Please do let us know how you get on in the vets!

Sending Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ to Bruno!
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Oh heck, what a worry for you, I am sorry I have no specific advice, I have not experienced this with my kitt-crew As you mentioned all the other signs are normal, he´s not been sick or gone quiet, so maybe its a one off thing (hopefully! - and never to happen again )

But just to make sure and make you feel better, think the best, as you say, is get him off to the vets !

Heres sending lots of get well soon {{{{{vibes}}}}} and some for Bruno from my fur-family

Good luck and keep us posted
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I agree. Get him checked over.

Not to be Mrs. Gloom, but two weeks ago, my 18 year old Sheba with chronic renal failure started breathing faster and heavier. She now has congestive heart failure on top of her CRF. It's been a rollercoaster the past two weeks and I thought we were losing her twice, but she seems stabilized now.

But that's an extreme case. Bruno is young & healthy. Even if he has a heart problem, it'd most likely just require some medication and he'd have a long, long, long happy life.
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Welcome to TCS....
You have come to the right place for support.
Rapid breathing can be a symptom of several very serious health issues...
Some that could be life threating.
Please get your kitty to a good vet right away so that treatment, if needed, can begin.

My thoughts will be with you.
Please keep us updated.
We care.
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thanks for your support. I took him in this morning. The vet says he has a congenital heart defect - his heart is enlarged. He was born with it but its obviously only just made itself apparent.

She wants to refer him to a specialist, maybe surgery etc but its going to cost a lot of money and there is no guarantee it will solve any problems. We have no guarantee our insurance will cover it either and my parents are the ones footing the bill, and I know they really cannot afford it right now.

So we plan to go and pick him up later and see if we can get him some meds to comfort him and just take it each day as it comes. We need to talk to the vet in more depth too as it was a quick phone call from her to let me know how he was. She really angered me by starting off positive, I thought he was going to be ok but then she told me the bad news.

I just dont want him to be in any pain. I want him to be at ease and enjoy his life. I just dont want him taken from me so early, hes only 14 months, only a baby.

Anyway thanks for your kind thoughts

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Awww... I'm sorry for the bad news.

Medications can do a lot, and in cat sized doses, they're relatively inexpensive.
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Oh my....
Has your vet given you a "medical name" for Bruno's condition?

Remember...only your vet or the specialist can help you decide the best treatment for Bruno but,
here are a couple of links that might be related to his condition.
At the very least they might give you the vernacular that you need to discusses this with your vet.

Also using the search tool in the Health Forum might help you....

Please keep us updated about how you and Bruno are doing.
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Depending on what the condition is, there are sometimes medications that help with the heart.
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Hi all.

There have been some developments. We went to the vet last night and discussed the financial problems we have mixed with the uncertainty of insurance. Bascially they offered to do a small heart ultrasound to detect whether the heard condition is congenital (which would be picked in a small scan) and therefore not covered by insurance.

If it was congenital then the only feasible option would be to give Bruno meds to make him comfy and let him run his own natural course which could be anything from a few months to a few years.

If the ultrasound scan did not pick up congenital this must mean its something not as serious and not pre-existing and therefore insurance should cover the treatment and more improtantly we could have Bruno with us a lot longer.

He had the ultrasound today which picked up that he has a non-congenital heart defect, well I say defect. He has a very strong heart, the heart, as a muscle is so strong the arteries are hardened and its hard for him to pump blood around his body and get oxygen in - hence his rapid breathing. Bascially, he has what human athletes sometimes get and unfortunately this could possibly lead to a sudden death-attack but this is not a major risk as he has nothing to obstruct the supply of blood. Only medication can alleviate his condition but it is not life threatening and hopefully he can have a long, happy life!!!

So we are all happy, we will get our money back soon hopefully and he will live much longer than we feared and be much more comfortable. I am going to the vets shortly to collect him and get a proper discussion, i was talkin to the french cardiologist on the phone so this is all the information i managed to understand.

Once again thanks for all your support. I will let you know the actual medical term for his condition when i return. I cant wait to see my baby!

Purrs to all x
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Oh I was pleased to read your update

Hope you are all feeling a little better about things

By now you will have picked him up from the vets, so you can give him loads of TLC and you can get load of
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Wow, I just read your thread...I was so worried at first, but I'm so happy to know he is ok! Please let us know how things went at the vet's today...and I'm so glad you get to bring him home...I know you're happy! :
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It sounds like you have some very good doctors helping you with Bruno.
I am so glad that the news seems positive for your boy.

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I'm so happy that Bruno is going to be okay.
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Yay, Bruno!
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Hi guys, thought I would update you all!

Bruno's been home early a week, been takin his medicine well and being doing so much better. He's on hypercard or something for the rest of his life and the vets gave us a course of fruisimide for him to help clear the fluid from his lungs. Gonna take him in tomorrow though as hes finished his course of fruisimide and his breathing rate has escalated again, think there could still be fluid in his lungs . Anyway hes doing well, hes got a shaved chest so he looks so helpless, wish i could get him a little coat as its so cold outside! Will update you all

Once again thanks for your kinds words x
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Awwww you need a warm coat sweetie?
I am so glad that your boy is doing better but it does sound like it is time for the vet to re-examine him.
You both will be in my thoughts.
Thanks for the update.
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My cat Arthur had a similar condition, it was diagnosed with it about four years ago, he has a very pronounced heart murmur, he had ultrasound treatment to find out what was going on. The vet reckons that he was born with the defect and has had to live with it, he is now running around after my other cat
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I went tot a aprty tonight and when i came home i found bruno. He was asleep and we cant wake him. Hes gone away now and wont come back. I think he had a fit in his sleep prob to do with heart. I feel so bad because we werent here with him and he was only a baby. He was all hard and cold and nothing I could do to bring him back to me. I am inconsolable hes a baby and we looked after him so well. It was the first time we had left him since he was ill...Oh im sorry to go on hes the first cat i have had, the only thing i have ever loved more than anything in the world and he was taken from me. I cant believe hes not here. He was playin with me today and now hes not with me anymore. Sorry to go on
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Oh how sad.
There is no need to apologize for sharing your heartbreak over the loss of your precious Bruno.
We are here for you.
RIP Bruno
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I'm so sorry to hear about Bruno. Everyone understands and shared your heartbreak over your precious friend.

RIP Bruno.

Well you feel you are able, perhaps you could post a tribute to Bruno in the "Crossing the Bridge" forum.
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We have all been there and there is nothing so hard as going over the 'what ifs?' You did everything you could for him but fate decreed it was not to be. I am so sorry, I know what it is to suddenly lose someone.
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i am so very sorry to hear this. RIP little one, and dont be too hard on yourselves.
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