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Silent meows

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My kitten has a very high pitched, almost bell sounding meow, but that's only when he makes the audible ones. Half the time he looks like he's meowing, but I hear nothing. Makes me wonder. Do cats make super sonic meows that only they can hear? Or is my kitten losing his voice?
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Since cats can hear pitches much higher than we can, other cats are able to hear and understand this silent meow, it's just that the kitty is meowing in a pitch too high for us to hear.
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My big lug Casey (17 pounds) does the same thing... for the first couple days after picking him up from the shelter, we thought that somebody demeowed him... but no, he just does little girly meows, that's all . What a maroon.
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I have a 20 lbs black cat (not fat or overweight, just a big muscular boy) and he makes very girly meows...it's so funny...we call him a big pussy. you think when you see him he'd roar like a lion but then he just makes this girly noise...it makes us laugh all the time
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