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I'm Totally New Here...

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I should start off by saying that I don't own a cat. Actually, I've never owned a cat. (I was raised with dogs; my husband was raised with cats.)

Ironically, we both love birds and currently own a cockatiel named Joey and Maximilian Pionus named Holly Moon.

I have developed an intense interest in cats, especially for the following breeds:

1. Ragdoll (gorgeous!)
2. American Shorthair
3. Havana Brown
4. Calico

Can anyone tell me of your firsthand experience of successfully combining birds and cats in one household? I've been told that if a cat is raised with birds from the time it is a kitten, it becomes accustomed to them and (for the most part) non-threatening. Of course, I don't want to jeopardize my birds' well-being, which is why I'm posting here in the first place.

Thank you,

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Jenk - welcome to our crazy cat house!
We have had a mixed household here and have had no problems with anybody getting ideas on having a relative for lunch! No feathers flying.
Have you looked at the Scottish fold kitties? I fell in love with them when I came acrossed them here........
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What species of birds do you own? Can you trust your cats around them (both in and out of their cages)?

Scottish Folds are cute, but I prefer cats with upright ears. Guess it's a matter of personal taste.


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Welcome! My hubby & I were always "dog people," and never owned cats. Don't know anything about mixing cats and birds, although I'm sure it can be done. Hubby & I stumbled into cats by taking sympathy on abandoned/feral kitties. I've only been a cat "parent" and a "cat site" addict for several months (you can "own" a dog, but you can't "own" a cat!), and have seen terrible stories about people buying cats from disreputable breeders. I simply wanted to pass along the warning to PLEASE ensure you use a reputable breeder when/if you decide to take the plunge into the wonderful world of cat parenting. I know there's a breeder's forum here. Just thought I'd pass along the concern of many...

Good Luck!
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I have seen birds and cats get along from kittens to adults, however I know there's been more sucess with getting a kitten when they are about 12 weeks old so that they grow up and it's not that interesting to play with. It may be more stress if you adopt an older cat and the cat stresses the bird out and in return, the cat may need a new home.
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A few years ago, I had both a cat and 2 parakeets. I never had any major problems with them. I had the bird cage hanging from a plant hook near the ceiling, without anything under it so the cat couldn't jump on the cage. One of the birds even got out, and my cat didn't hurt him. I had the birds first, and the cat was an adult when I got her, so it can work out. She was a really mellow cat, though.
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Cooper is scared to death of Skooter :chicken:

Skooter puffs up and spreads his wings.... and Cooper runs away!

Hope it stays this way!
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I'm happy to hear that Cooper loves Skooter. (Excellent tiel name, by the way.) Do your cat and tiel have physical interaction with each other? Or does Cooper just watch Skooter (and vice-versa)?

My husband and I agree that we'd need to get a young (12-week-oldish) kitten, in order to teach it that birds in our home aren't meant for consumption. If we didn't have birds, I'd happily adopt a cat (or two) from a shelter.

You're the second person to tell me of a tiel spreading its wings/ hissing and scaring off a cat. LOL

Thank you for making me feel a lot better about the possibility of bird and cat ownership.

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Yes, cat and bird do have physical interaction - ALWAYS supervised.

Cooper is still a kitten thus likes to paw a Skooter...

We lay with them on the carpet, and Skooter chases Cooper around - VERY FUNNY!

Cooper like to lay on-top of Skooters cage - Skooter doesn't mind as long as the paws say away.

I think the bird might have bitten the kitten and taught her a lesson... I never see paws in the cage.

During the day when Nick and I are at work - the door to the "birdy room" always is closed - I don't trust the kitten alone with the bird... Cooper is still too young.

Hope this helps!

Cats and Birds can be friends!

As long as the Cat knows the Bird is boss!!

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