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Rescuing a 12 year old cat need an alternative to c/d

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I have had cats for 30 years and currently have one, age unknown (about 10) a co-worker re-married and when she and her new husband combined homes they had to find a home for his (inheritied from a daughter who is at college) 12-year-old cat. Due to the new wive's allergies.
At one time my cat lived with two others here and is not at all dominant so I don't anticipate any problems other than the initial ice-breaking period that I have gone through before.
The problem is that the new cat is on c/d food. My cat is on Purina One for urinary control as a precaution and as a carry over from a previous cat who actually died from FUS last year. I am on some what of a budget and don't want to have to feed both cats the c/d. Is there another food that is available through sources other than a vet? Or, I seem to remember that there was some sort of supplement (like the stuff for hairballs) to give to correct the pH of the urine and accomplish the same purpose as the c/d.
I didn't really want a 12 year-old cat with a possible health issue, but she didn't have any other option, due mainly to his age (not too many people want a 12-year-old cat)and I don't want to have to buy c/d for both cats when my cat is fine on the Purina one.
If it were two dogs, no problem. But we all know that cats have different eating patterns than dogs.
Any help that the group can offer to keep me from going broke trying to do a good deed will be appreciated.
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Firstly - welcome to TCS and secondly - thankyou for rescuing this boy. Your right, not many people want a 12 year old cat especially one with health issues.

I can not help you with your question personally but our members have a wealth of knowledge and I have no doubt will be able to advise you
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If it were me, I might look on the nutritional analysis and compare ash content between the two foods. If they are the same or very close, then I might try to switch over from the c/d so that both cats are eating the Purina One. Do it slowly, of course, to avoid the normal digestive upset and give it a little time to make sure the Purina One is working well for the newbie. You could also collect a urine sample during the process and take it in to the vet to ensure that crystals are not forming.
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I have had 2 cats with urinary issues(....first vet visit both had very high ph levels). The first(Hershey) died in 2003 from it(he blocked and then his body startted shutting down cause of the backup) he was on wet food and the methagel(might be what your thinking of-its has dlmethione and is supposed to lower the ph) the other cat(Benji) is still alive. Hes on the cd along with 2 of my other cats. its pricy but i buy the 20 lb bag at about 45 and it lasts 1.5-2 months. after the experience I had I'd recomend doing all you can to keep the cd. one thing hills did when my cat was first put on was a free bag and case-just had to fill out a few things(name addy....diagnos date and vets info) every bit helps...long term i saved alot cause i dont have to keep submitting the rine sample(great for regulating cat but my vet is about 30/sample so... good luck with your new additon RJ
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I'm by no means suggesting this to you. Each & every cat is different. My Ophelia had crystals. She was on s/d, then c/d. I don't like c/d, so I set out to find a new food for her. With the help of sharky(TCS advisor here), I picked out Solid Gold Katz-N-Flocken. It works for Ophelia, so I don't want to mess with a good thing.

Like Gaye said, you might want to compare the ash, magnesium, calcium, & phosphorus contents of the c/d vs. the ONE urinary.
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Hello and Welcome

My best advise is first talk to your vet ... If the vet says it is okay to put it this senior cat with prior issues on OTC food . Then first compare what %s the vet gives you with what your other baby eats if they are close enough then try it ... If not send me a pm and I will try to help you
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I have two cats with urinary issues and one cat without. The two with the problem eat W/D for maintenance and are doing well. One is seven and one is going on eleven. They eat a controlled amount twice a day. When it comes time to feed the three of them, I put the bowls in a pet carrier and each one eats there. It separates them and I can continue to feel the cat who does not need the prescription food over the counter food. I would never change a senior cat from what is working for him. Maybe what I do would work for you too. Another thing is, talk to your vet. I am sure the vet will tell you the cat needs to continue on with the prescription food. If I were you, I would find a way.
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First of all, Thanks everyone for the help. Right now I don't know how much of an issues it is going to be, because he is not adjusting well at all to his new surroundings...but I know these things take time. Right now he is in my spare bedroom in a large crate with food, water, litter and his blanket from the previous house. He was okay when I brought him into the house and let me pet him in the crate even though he was howling, but all it took was for him to get a glimpse of my other cat, Tito and he has been extremely aggitated since, even just with me. I have been around rottweilers for 15 years and this 11 lb cat scares me more than any rottweiler I have ever had to care for.
I am trying to let him slowly get used to his surroundings and me before any more interaction with Tito. The good news is Tito doesn't really seem to care...just laid in the sun in another room most of the day...didn't even wake up when all of the hissing and growling was going on.
Any suggestions dealing with this problem would be appreciated. I know that I should maybe have put this in the behavior forum.
Thanks Again group!
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Hello and Welcome

My best advise is first talk to your vet ... If the vet says it is okay to put it this senior cat with prior issues on OTC food . Then first compare what %s the vet gives you with what your other baby eats if they are close enough then try it ... If not send me a pm and I will try to help you
Hi i am a new comer here but i have a question about my sweet cat.I have had it for ten years and she is ill and in hospital.i am very afriad to lose her i love her very much! Do you think the life of my love is almost ending and what can i do?
Thank you for any post and wish you all coming here have a nice weekend!
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My thoughts are with you as I am facing the same dilemma. Let's just think positive together and hope we get to keep our babies for many more years.
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It's just going to take time for your new cat to get used to new surroundings. Cats aren't real big on change, if you do a search on the behavior forum you will find good ways of introducing your cat to new surroundings. You have started the right way just be patient. Try not to be stressed or afraid, cats pick up on human stress. You could also try a Feliway diffuser. They are pricey but they work on the majority of cats. They mimick the facial pheronomes of a cat and will usually calm a stressed out cat.
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I've heard of Feliway, but hadn't thought of it in this case, thanks for the suggestion. Actually, he is doing much better today...48 hrs after arriving. He is still vocal with a few low-level hisses, but nothing like the first 2 days. He has actually eaten a full bowl of food and using the makeshift litter box. I think he will come around. The good news is my incumbant cat Tito doesn't even seem to care that there is another cat just behind the other door. He just walked by it, scratched on my doorframe and jumped up on my lap.
Thanks for your help and suggestions.
And best of luck to all of you with pets with health issues that posted.
Just three years ago I had three dogs and three cats and Tito is the only one left from that crew, I know all too well what it is like to lose a prayers are with you.
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