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Garbage Problems

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Recently my 2 little ones figured out how to knock the garbage can over and eat the food they find. I live in an apartment and don't have a closet I could put the garbage in I try to catch them and show them they are wrong BUT THEY KEEP DOING IT! it really wouldn't be half as bad if my garbage can didn't sit on carpet. I treally don't know else to do.... So I am depending on you guys for some help!!!!!! is there maybe a sent I can rub on the can they won't like? I am so lost with this....please help.
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I recognise this problem! I have met it many times. Either get all the garbage that smells of meat/fish etc out of the apartment immediately or else buy a really large strong-lidded garbage can that they can't knock over or get into. You will never teach them to leave it alone if there is something good in there. I have tried double linings and swingbins, but it is a difficult one if you can't lock it away. At one point I kept the kitchen garbage can on the balcony.
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Get a foot pedal operated garbage can--a heavy, solid one made of metal. I have a square one, which makes it even harder for a cat to knock it over.

Gizmo has never actually shown interest in the garbage. This can was a relic from when I lived in Savannah and wanted to at least slow down the four inch 'palmetto bugs'.

And I do recommend taking the garbage out on a daily basis if there is food in it, to reduce temptation for the cats.

You could also keep it under the sink but I've always found the foot pedal operated can to be the superior way to deal with it since it is difficult to forget about!
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If you don't have a small closet to put the trash can, you can buy one of the enclosed trash can wood boxes and keep it in there.

In our old house, we used the kitchen closet to keep both garbage and recycle bins. We have both cat/dog in the house and it keeps both out.

In our new house, they have a little closet in the kitchen too to be used in the same way.
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