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Strange behavior

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I am concerned over my 14 yr old cat.. all of a sudden he has been going under my bed... lying on his food dish for hours on end.. and now he is going to the basement to his litter box and lying in it .. can anyone help with this .. he is eating and he has been drinking... he isnt listless... when I get ready to go to bed.. I pick him up and take him with me and he stays on top of me until I practically push him off.. I dont know if this is a behavior problem or not.. any ideas?
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Is he the only cat in the house? If he is, I would call the vet and chat about this. This is not really normal behavior
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Call your vet immediately, and get a physical and some blood work done. My little Lucy died from chronic renal (kidney) failure after a couple of months of this type of behavior.

If I had contacted her doctor sooner, she might have had a couple more good years with just a change of diet, but I thought it was just how old cats act, waited too long, and it was too late... I lost her unnecessarily!
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Any different behaviour in your cat should warrant a call to the vet at least I would say..

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I think I should add that Lucy exhibited the same very clingy behavior as well during the period I mentioned... she would get angry when I removed her from my lap for any reason. She even had the strength to jump up onto my lap from the floor... and then I left the house one day, came back a few hours later, and she was standing hunched over, unable to even pick her head up. She was about the same age (12-13 or so).

Seek professional medical attention immediately.
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Well... after reading your advise I called the vet .. going to take her tomorrow morning for blood work .. he is still lying on his food dish or along side of it .. I brought his litter box upstairs to the kitchen so I can watch him ..he is eating and drinking and he urinated as well and had a bowel movement .. but he isnt himself thats for sure.. I am worried and I needed that little push .. My sister went thru this 3 months ago with her cat.. and it was renal kidney failure .. after they diagnosed it .. he only lasted a week or so .. she let him go before it got too bad.. he had holed himself upstairs and he kept getting dehydrated even tho they had him on fluids for a while .. I hope its not too bad what ever it is . not ready to say goodbye .. thank u again for your help and I am sorry about your loss..
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any update yet?
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Hi.. no news yet .. took my Punkin to the vet today .. he was not happy .. they kept him and had to administer some anestisia ?? sorry thats not spelled correctly .. he was so mean with them .. they took blood but we will not get results until tomorrow.. everyone keep fingers crossed for my Punkin ..
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I hope everythign comes back ok for you.

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I'm sending good vibes your way!
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vet took blood and kidneys and liver good.. he thinks the behavior was related to a flea product I used on punkin .. I bought at the petsmart store.. he said alot of the ones there can be toxic to cats .. he put punkin under and bathed him and took blood .. and the next day started with frontline .. he was still acting weird up until yesterday .. today .. Sunday he is lying in the living room .. he hasnt done that in a week .. I am still watching him .. and of course worrying .. his sugar was up a little bit and thyroid only 1pt over the higher amt .. but vet said it could have been from the stress.. so we will watch him .. thanks for advise everyone .. I appreciated it .. vet cost me 299.00 ... gladly paid to have my punkin okay ..
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So glad to see this update.

We can't stress enough how dangerous over-the-counter products are for our babies. Flea treatments and flea collars can be deadly.
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If you notice any weight loss or eating more than normal, please get a repeat on the thyroid test. Normal thyroid levels for senior cats are lower than they are for younger cats. If the normal range is 0.8 to 4.0, then a senior should be at 2.5 or less. Anything higher could indicate hyperthyroidism.
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Did your vet say how high his blood sugar was? If not, please ask. Eating a lot, and drinking a lot, and peeing big puddles are signs of diabetes. My Trixter was eating tons, and laying at the water and food bowls a LOT. He was diagnosed with diabetes and a couple weeks of insulin, along with home testing his Blood glucose, and a change in diet (from dry to low carb canned) he is back to his old self and no longer needs insulin.

Im so glad it wasnt his kidneys or liver! I hope everything keeps looking better!
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