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Introduce ur halloween cat

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Those of you with halloween cats id love to see pictures! Please include the sex and age of ur cat

BY halloween i mean solid black cats or orange & black cats or scary cats that would do good on a halloween poster lol
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Cindy is the Halloween classic-black (Joey, JC, Amy, Andy & Andrea add that she's also a real witch ), rescued in 2002 at approx. 6-7 mos.[IMG][/IMG]
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....I'll get some photos tomorrow. the one photo of mischeif in my signature, is a bit scarey, I personally love the glowing eyes.
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This guy's one of the family pets. This picture doesn't show his fangs too well, I'll get my Dad to send me another that shows off his vampire teeth. Sadly, he comes off more as a dork than a scary cat...

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This is Puddems. Really terrifying. He just turned 6 on the 6th of october.
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Here is my RB kitty Sphinx (male)who passed on a couple of years ago at the ripe age of 18 years.

Here is Lil' Jag. She was less than a year old in this photo. (She's now 2 years).

And our typical Halloween kitty Luvbug. He's 6 years.
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This is my little Velvet She's 10 now.
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This is Cleo, an ex-foster who now lives next door

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Here is a picture of my Misty. She passed away in July at the age of 16 or so, but she was a beautiful all Black halloween cat.

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here's Shami, he's even got the pose right!
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Behold Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds... he's shy.

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I'll try and get some good ones of Wickett when I'm home for lunch today if I can get him to pose pretty... he always moves right as I snap the shot.

LilJag in the pot is too stinkin' cute and I love the one of scratch yelling?!
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This is my feral cat Patches She is about 3 I would guess, and I've socialized her.

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This is Coco, and she was evil! If anyone went to pick her up she would flip on to her back and prepare to take your face off.

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here's my 'evil' Halloween cat, Chip!

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This ones a little freaky, I was taking photos of Mischeif this mourning, and she moved and it created this photo.

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Ghost cat!!
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Here's Villy's scary halloween pic!

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great pics everyone!

I cant get the black cat with vampire fangs and the last pic out of my head those pix were 2 cute lol
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Here's Escher, our 2 y.o. male, pics from last year...

and I posted pics from both our cats and the pumpkin fiasco of this year in this thread:
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Wickett is a very chatty cat so you'd think it'd be easy to get a pic w/ his teeth showing or his mouth open right?! Well, thats just what he wants you to think. Every time he'd talk he'd turn his head or look down. What a little pain in my butt. Here's the best I could get... of course it'd probably be easier w/ a real camera instead of my phone.
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