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Freckles went to the Bridge this afternoon. I've been up since 3am, because he was insistent on sitting in the tub with the water running. He went peacefully and will be missed. I asked him to send me another kitty my way when the time is right.

I truly believe he was sent to me and it was no accident. His former owner seemed very cold when I called her to tell her he was terminally ill. I can't imagine the suffering he would have had to go through before leaving this world if he wasn't with me.

I'll miss the little kitty who liked to lay on me, who watched baseball with me (Manny Ramirez was his favorite player - he and Bob would pay attention when Manny was at the plate) and who always greeted me at the door when I came home. God bless you Freckles! I will see you again someday.
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Bless your heart!

You did the best you could for him, and I'm certain that he very much enjoyed watching the water run down the tub drain all night. Freckles is in a better place, where he can never feel ill again, and I know that even now he is keeping an eye out for a little furfriend for you who needs the love only you can give.

RIP dear Freckles!!!
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Condolences on your loss. Sounds like Freckles was a very special boy who found a very loving home.

Rest in peace, Freckles. You will be greatly missed.
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Many tearful headbuts and sobbing licks from KittenKiya's Clan. Our babies are all loved beyond all measure, and missed beyond all belief.
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Love is everything. Everything you did was because you loved him. Rip Freckles.
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Maureen, I am so very sorry for your loss. Next time Manny hits a homerun, I'll be thinking of Freckles.

Play happily over the Bridge, Freckles. Don't forget to keep an eye on your family down here as they mourn the end of your time with them. Let them know you will see them again.

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RIP darling boy - you were so very loved
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condolences on your loss of Freckles. How special to sit up with him, letting him watch the water running in the tub; you gave him a last special gift that helped him while away the hours till his time here on earth was finished. he crossed the Bridge knowing that he was a special, cherished kitty. Godspeed, Freckles; throw us a pitch or two from Heaven - and we'll see a falling star.
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My heart and thoughts go out to you at this difficult time

Freckles will surely know the right kitty to guide to you when the time is right and he will forever be in your heart, watching over you until you meet again

RIP Sweet Freckles
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Oh I am sorry to hear about your loss of your dear kitty Freckles

RIP little one, run over the bridge, your new fur-family is waiting for you
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RIP Freckles! Your meomie koves you very much! Play happily over the bridge!
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RIP sweet Freckles, at least he got to see his team win the World Series! Many condolences to you during this difficult time
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Maureen...may God bless you and precious Freckles.
Play at the Bridge sweet darling until you are with your Mommy again and when the time is right,
be sure to send her a sweet kitty for her to care for.
RIP Freckles.
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Rest in peace poor Freckles.
He had a good life with you, he knew love and attention, and you did your best for him. That's all anyone could ever ask for.
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I'm sorry to hear about Freckles. At least he died loved. Poor happily over the Rainbow Bridge Freckles!
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I'm so sorry about Freckles Sending comfort and healing vibes to you.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace Freckles; play in perfect health at Rainbow Bridge.
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I'm so sorry. My heart breaks for you at this terribly difficult time. Freckles was such a beautiful boy. The two of you shared a very special bond and that will follow you through until you both are reunited again. Rest in peace precious Freckles at the beautiful rainbow bridge.
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Thanks for the thoughts. It really hits home when Bob goes looking for him, and I realize I'll never see that little orange head jump up on the bed and check on me. I still haven't taken his carrier out of my car, but I'll probably do that tonight or tomorrow.
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