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question *raises hand*

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OK, I'm not sure if this belongs in behaviour or health, but I'll give this a try.
As posted before, Mica and Mala (my kitten) have become fast friends, they play and sleep together, all's good, except that Mica doesn't seem to want to eat "big girl" food anymore, she wants the kitten's food.
She gets pretty ornery if I try and keep her away from the kitten's dish too, my hands bear the marks of her displeasure.
Is this just a phase? or does the kitten food taste better to her?
How do I curb it? SHOULD I curb it? or will she lose interest on her own?
Thanks in advance,
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I recently adopted a kitten and also have an adult cat, and she too eats the kitten food. I always thought maybe she liked it better than the food she was eating, or maybe it wasn't that simple, but I still don't know why. However, there have been times my two little dogs have snuck in the cat's room and ate the kitten's food. Now obviously I could tell they prefered this over their own food, and they haven't shown any visible signs of illness from doing so. My adult cat, Jazmine hasn't either, but whenever this kitten gets a little older I'm putting them both on adult cat food because I know it would be better for the both of them. For the mean time though, just let Mica eat the kitten's food because when your kitten starts eating adult food Mica'll have to eat that because it is her only source of food.
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Thanks I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.
It'll certainly be easier on my hands and our relationship if I leave Mica to do what she wants, I was, however worried about her health, not to mention the fact I'm hoping it's not because she's feeling displaced or something.
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Ginger is 16 months old, and was put on adult cat food at about 9 months old.

I adopted 5 month old Ferris two months ago, and he is on kitten food. Ginger decided she wanted HIS food, and he decided he wanted HER food, so to be absolutely sure that the little one is getting the best nutrition, I switched Ginger back onto kitten food, and when Ferris is old enough, they will both go onto adult food.

As long as your older cat doesn't gain too much weight on the kitten food, putting them both on the higher nutrition is the best thing to do.
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Ok, I'll do that then, thanks again
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We kind of have the same problem going on at our house! Maui was switched to adult food about a month ago & the kittens are still eating their kitten food of course.

Well after the babies are done eating Maui moseys on over and finishes whatever they have left over! I think he does it because A. he likes the kitten food, B. he likes canned food, C. he is a pig!

When I brought him in to the vet today I found out he has gained a 1/2 pound since last week! That seems like a lot to me for a cat to gain in one week... he went from 9.9 to 10.4 pounds!

I'm not too worried about the kittens since they eat until they are full before Maui takes over... but he is getting fat!

Hopefully Mica doesn't start packing on the pounds like Mowzers!
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