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Here's our little Melly, well she's not *so* little anymore...

the bedroom's a mess because i practically live in there with her since the vet said not to have her meet our roommate's cat until after she's spayed.

here are also some pictures of her brother (by adoption), Kitty Bitty, who's across the rainbow bridge.

he didn't know he had popcorn on his nose!
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Oh, they are both beautiful! RIP Kitty Bitty!

I love Melly's little paw in the first pic - she looks like she has pink lipstick on in the 2nd one!
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she does doesn't she? :o)
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RIP Kitty Bitty. Melly is a cutie!
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great pictures..it is cute that he unknowingly had popcorn on his nose!
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Awwww Melly is adorable!!!

RIP Kitty Bitty ....
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Awww! Such a sweetie!!!!

I'm sorry about Kitty Bitty, he was a very handsome boy, even with popcorn on his nose, hehe
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awww poor lad... bless
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