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My letter to the editor

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Just thought I'd share this poem (although I don't know technically if that's what it is) that I wrote. I fashioned it after a favorite poem I read at our local animal shelter. It was called "I adopted your cat today". After taking in so many strays, nursing them back to health and re-homing them over the years; and then also lately I've seen so many cats laying on the side of the road that have been hit by cars. It's just to tragic, I don't even have words. . . . This weekend I witnessed a puppy being hit by a car and
that horrible vision has haunted me ever since. I'm going to send this to "Letters to the Editor" of our local newspaper. Love to hear your comments!

My poem is called: "I Saw Your Cat Today"

I saw your cat today.
You know, the cute little fuzzy kitten you got at the pound.
The one you thought would be a neat birthday or Christmas present.
The one that started to get bigger, and began to mature.
You know, the one that you never bothered to get fixed because you didn’t have the time or money.
The one that started to howl and spray because it wasn’t neutered.
The one you said couldn’t or didn’t want to be an inside cat.
The one you claimed could "catch" something to eat, because he's a cat.

I saw your cat today.
Did you know he's lost weight? I can see from a distance his ribs and hips showing.
Did you know he's scared, and has lost all trust in humans?
Did you know he's got fleas, earmites and worms?
Did you know he's cold and tired?
Hey, don't worry. You've already decided since you hardly see him anymore, it's not my problem.

I saw your cat today.
You know, the one you quit feeding, he's been showing up at my house looking for food.
The one who's trust has been shattered, I've befriended him and after much work he trusts me.
The one who's health had deteriorated, I've feed him and nursed him back to health.
The one you didn't bother to neuter, I took him to the vet's and got him neutered and shots.
The one who you abandoned, I found him a new loving home with Patience, love, security, and understanding.

I saw your cat today.
Did you know he's living in a drain sewer on a busy street
Did you know on a dialy basis he crosses that busy street looking for food.
Did you know, I saw your cat today, hit by a speeding car.
Do you care that now I live each day with that horrible picture in my mind.
Do you care that the cute little kitten you once loved, is now dead on the side of the street.

I saw your cat today.
And I just hope that in his last moments on earth that he never forgot your selfish deed.
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That's a good poem! You are a good writer!

I too am involved in rescue and see these sad things . I hope your letter will get people thinking.
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You did a great job with that and are sending a very powerful and important message. I hope it gets published!
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Please let us know if it gets published. You did an excellent job - a very moving poem. I wish that such a poem would be required to be displayed by at every pet store that sells kittens and puppies. We live in such a "disposable" society; too often people confuse cartoon animals with live ones
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The poem just kind of came to me. After I had finished writing it I went back and read it, at first I thought it may be a little harsh; But it's real, it's things I've seen and experienced. It's a sad society that we live in that people treat their "Pets" with such little respect.
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