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Originally Posted by emily_325 View Post
What really annoys me is when people who rave over it about how beautiful a ring it is and how it must have cost Brian a FORTUNE react when I tell them it wasn't really expensive because its moissanite. They're always like "OH" and get this look on their face like its not good enough and they feel sorry fo rme to have to wear it. Whatever, they're the ones who thought it was all that to begin with, and we're the one with extra money in our savings because we didn't blow it on a ring!

(Sorry to go on and on.... )
Yah I know!!! And I find people over here in the US are very obsessed with that sort of thing! I find people are constantly comparing wedding rings!! Then they look at mine and say "oh.. sweet", and move on. And that REALLY annoys me! I tell them that the rings belonged to my husband's mother who died when he was a baby, and his father passed them down to him to do whatever he chose with them, and he chose to give me the option to wear them! That normally shuts people up...

I love my rings for the sentimental value! I don't care if DH didn't have to spend a cent on them (except for resizing...).
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We really were engaged pretty soon within our relationship, so even if a promise ring were something we'd have thought of (it wasn't), we went past it. However, while waiting for my engagement ring which I didn't receive for some months, I did wear his dog tags

All that was important to me, on the topic of rings, was that he pick it for me, and that it be pear shaped. I don't find diamonds cliche, to me they are full of fire, and beautiful.
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Yeppers i have one and after 14 years of Marriage i still wear it
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Originally Posted by huggles View Post
I have never heard of a promise ring
I only know about them from films!
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Tony gave me a promise ring when I got back from my first vacation back to South Africa. He'd spend 2 weeks there and I'd stayed on for a week after so that I could catch up with some friends who were flying in from Mauritius especially to see me but couldn't come while Tony was there!

When I got back, Tony gave me my ring! It's just a gold band with diamante's and another little band that slides underneath that says "I love you". It means the world to me and I never ever take it off"!
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My Sister are both soooooooooooooo into "how big can I get my diamnond ring" that it makes me sick!! Both of them have a 1 carat diamond ring and FLAUNT it EVERY chance they get.
Before anyone thinks I'm putting down those who love diamonds that big......I AM NOT!!!!
My Sisters just have to see who can outdo who.When they see mine,they are very polite about it.But, it's obvious that they don't think it's as nice as theirs.I don't care how much a ring costs.It's the thought that counts MOST to me.
Shawn got me a copper ring for $5.00 and I wear it as proudly as I do my engagment rings.Why?Because he picked it out for me!!!!
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Don't get me wrong I am not all about the diamonds. I have actually seen several promise rings that are less than $100 that are gemstones that I absolutely love. I think i mostly want it so when he is away I can look and see that he loves me since he won't be able to show me like he does while we are living together.

Fran I am not worried about him cheating by any means. He could never do that to me knowing that it would hurt me so much and I would never forgive him. And I could never do that to him or anyone else for that matter.
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As others have said, its a personal thing, but I do have one (as does Patrick) and I love mine! It looks sorta like the "eternity bands", its white gold with little diamonds around half the band. Me and Patrick have been together nearly 6 years, about 4 1/2 when we exchanged promise rings. We have been together since I was 15 years old, and have known for quite a while that we want to get married. But at the stage of like we were in at the point, our parents would not have wanted us to be engaged yet and he wanted to buy something small for me while he continued to save for my engagement ring. I think it will always be very very important to me, even after I get my engagement ring. I plan to get it resized and where it as a right hand ring.
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I'm getting one!

Hopefully! Our 1 year anniversary is in January and I think J will get me one.
I am getting him one... it's much to early for diamonds. I dont care for them to much anyway but I will get my yellow topaz birthstone with a white gold band, with some nicely cut glass!

HAHA not expensive! I hope!
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I have one. It's 19 years old and so small you can hardly see it. I never where it anymore, one it doesn't fit and two it snags on everything.

Eric gave it to me when we were dating in high school. That ring was so precious to me and I loved it. Still do! My dad about had a fit.

19 years later we are still going strong!
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I never had a promise ring, and never really thought about it. I did get an engagement ring, though, when my husband proposed to me when we were walking along the ocean under a full moon... he got down on one knee and almost dropped it in the sand he was so nervous!

Cheers, from
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