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Ok, I revived this topic mainly because I brought in a stray today who needed a full vets appointment, I have another foster coming due, and I have 3 of my own coming due around Christmas time (I know - poor planning on my part) and I've gotten a lot of insight as to how others do it (and I appreciate the info), but now...here's a follow up question. My newest little one - Cinder - she's the stray. Because I didn't know anything about her, we did a full work up - Leukemia tests, dewormer, Rabies, Distemper, etc. Now the thing is my vet informed me while I was there that this was only the first of her Distemper boosters and he would need to see her again in 3-4 weeks for another, and then that one will last for a year. I remember this same thing with all my others. The distemper is given in a series of 2 or 3 vaccines. Why is this? What is the difference between them? Do I need to go back for the second one? Why can't they just give the annual one to start?
Main reason why I'm asking is because this is a fairly new vet for us and I found out on follow up shots (like this distemper one), we have to pay for a whole new office visit/wellness exam plus the shot when she was only seen less than a month prior. This I totally disagree with and asked the vet why. He said he'd like to see if all is ok with her. Isn't that my responsibility now? He did his job - he gave her an initial exam and now isn't it my job to keep her healthy and watch for things? My old vet had what they called a tech visit. If a cat had to go back for a follow up booster or they missed a vaccine due to illness it only cost like $10 for the tech visit plus the shot. It was great. If I'm going to be fostering - this can get exensive unless I can skip the second booster or I switch back vets.
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Ive heard of people doing 'Titers' on their animals. I think it basically shows what resistance the Animal has to the certain disease, and if the levels are found to be high enough there is no need to revaccinate, but if they are very low vaccination is necessary.

I want to ask Ceci's foster mom what she vaccinated her for (doesnt specify on the sheet) and just take her in for her yearly exam. After that I probably never will vaccinate again. My pup was vaccinated at 8 weeks (SO YOUNG!) and I have yet to vaccinate her and probably wont again.

I vaccinated my mother Golden at age 3 months and have yet to revaccinate.
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