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What are all these tattoo's of ladies????

I am petrified of needles. I had my ears pierced when I was very little, but nothing else. The other thing is that since I reinvent myself every 48 hours or so, I can't imagine having something permanently inked on my body. But that's just me. My best friend is about to go in to get something from the artwork from Radiohead's album Kid A on her hip. Here's an example: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgu...icial%26sa%3DN but I'm not sure which little guy she's getting. Sort of morose for someone as upbeat as she.
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Originally Posted by Sar View Post
I have both piercings and tattoos!
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I have 6 tattoos and just my ears pierced.

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Just my ears are pierced and only one on each side!
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This is what mine looks like. It's kind of blurry but you can still see it. It's nothing exciting, just the leo symbol.

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Originally Posted by Sicycat View Post
I have 6 tattoos and just my ears pierced.

The cat one is Awesome! I want one like that!
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I have 3 holes in each ear, used to have 2 additional in each on the cartillage but they kept irritating me so I finally took them out. I used to want to get my eyebrow pierced but not anymore and I figure I've made it to almost 30 without a tattoo, so I probably won't be getting one, but I always wanted a sagittarius symbol on my shoulder
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I have 6 piercings - 3 in each ear and my bellybutton. I used to have my nose pierced with a tiny little jewel stud- I REALLY miss it!! i took it out because Colin didn't like nose piercings and I figured if he has to look at me hopefully for the rest of his life- he should see something he likes . i don't have any tattoos.
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i have 2 holes in my left ear, 1 in my right ear, & no tattoos at present, but i'm planning to get one for a reward after i've lost 100 pounds. i still have about 10 pounds to go.
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I have my belly button and my nose pierced and the top of my ear. I also have a tattoo on my shoulder blade. Its of a rose and says John inbetween the stem. Wish now i had never got the name put on. Been divorsed 8yrs.
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Originally Posted by 4crazycats View Post
The cat one is Awesome! I want one like that!
Thanks! It's one of my favorites. It was taken from the Baby Phat logo.

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Yes, I have 3 of them.
I have a cross with a rose entwined around it on my right shoulder blade
a Indian Dream Catcher on my right ankle area
and a Bulls Skull with a Tomahawk and a spear behind it on my left ankle area.
I will be getting one more though SOON!! it will have DH's name and my 4 kids names on it.
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I have 3 put have been tattooed 5 times.
I have a Bull on my right shoulder blade, Kanji on my lower back, and a heart with a ribbon on the inside of my left ankle. I have had it touched up a couple times and added "I " and my DH's initials.

No piercings. I had my belly button pierced but when I got pregnant w/Deacon I took it out
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I have 9 piercings and 3 tattoos.
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25 tats, 15 piercings.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
25 tats, 15 piercings.
Care to give up the details of all those??
Past I had two holes in each ear and one on the top of my right ear. But one set of holes grew over and the top one I let grow over. I kind of want to go out and get them all done again though!

Present I have 3 piercings... one in each ear and then one on my right nipple. I got it after an old boyfriend and I broke up and now I love it! Hurt quite a bit though.

Future I want to get the pisces symbol on my lower back. The two fish swimming around the traditional symbol. Just waiting to hear from a co-worker on when I can get it done!!
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I have my ears and belly button pierced, and also a tattoo of a blue sun on my lower back..I still love my tattoo, but think I may be getting too old for my belly button piercing..
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Of which?
Sun and Moon tats on my skull, full color, free hand, beautifully done.
A tribal Sun on the back of my neck, vampire bite on one side of my neck, a tribal abstract on the other side.

Symbol for Vigro on the inside of my left ankle (self done), red capped mushroom from Alice in Wonderland on my left calf (self done color long faded).
Cross on the outside of lower left arm (self done).
Ex-hubby's initials on outside of lower left arm, needs covering.
Eagle on the inside of my lower left arm (my first ever tat), carries a ribbon with my late sister's name, intend to add birth and death dates in the future.
A freehand, beautiful purple rose on my upper left arm.
Spy vs Spy just above left elbow.

Panther head on left breast, Ankh on the right.
Fine line warrior maiden (large) on left shoulder blade, Ankh & asps on right shoulder blade.
Upper right arm has a very bad 'blob' done by ex, sorely in need of cover/removal.
A very faded dragon on outside lower right arm, needs cover.
Dime sized Yin-yang on inside left wrist (self done).
Symbol for the house of Mercury (which I was born under) on webbing between thumb and forefinger, left hand (self done)

Eye of Horus on the boney part of left hip.
Ex + my initials on right. (ex did)
Tear drop shaped peace sign on right thigh (self)
Bill with a heart on right calf (ex did, want it gone!)

I guess I only have 24 tats, I can't count

Piercings, 5 each ear, two in left nostril, tongue, one nipple and navel
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I have 3 tats Been seriously considering possibly a nose piercing tho.
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I only have my ears pierced now I have 3 in my left ear and 2 in the right. used to have left cartilage, tongue and belly button. No tattoos.
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I have one tattoo

It doesn't MEAN anything as such - it's just a design I like. But it represent a time of my life where I was so happy and carefree I was overseas travelling, and there'd been a bunch of us staying at the same backpackers hostel for a while, and a bunch of us went together to get something to remind us of those fun times, and that's how I got the tat.

I also got (at different times though!) my ears pierced a second time plus one at the top of my ear, my tongue pierced and my nipple pierced. And now I have just the one set of ear rings, and can't imagine getting anything else pierced ever again.
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I have Sylvetster (the cat) above my right ankle. I love it and I got it two years ago on Valentines Day...my hubby got a beautiful heart with my name in the middle on the same day on his arm. That was our gift to each other. BTW, I was 47 when I got a tat and I'm planning on another. It really doesn't hurt THAT bad It sure feels pretty good when it's all done! Whew!!!! Oops, that's Slyvester!!!
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Darn, I still can't spell Sylvester!!! You know what I mean!!!!
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I have my belly pierced and my ears pierced which makes 7 piercings!

I used to have my nose pierced, untill my ex bf pulled out the stud and i couldnt find another store that had them in that area then it just closed up!

I am too chicken to get tatoos and i dont think it would look good because my skin is already messed up from having the YoYo effect
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3 in my left ear

and 3 tattoos there is one other tattoo i want to get, but was to much money lol
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I have my ears pierced 4 times and two of them are at 0 gauge, working my way larger though!

I also have my septum pierced. I LOVE it except it is crooked. I am gauging it up too. I will soon get my tongue pierced. I know a little late on that one, everyone did that in high school!

I HAD both my nipples pierced but sadly had to remove them. I loved it though but would NEVER go thru that pain again. I had my tragus pierced. I don't remember what happened with that one.

I also plan to get a surface piercing. Probably on the back of my neck along with a tattoo there and my lip pierced in the center, like under the lip with a ring that comes up over the bottom lip, but money is tight right now.

I don't have tattoos yet but will when I get a flat stomach! Hopefully...
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Okay I can't compare to some of you guys (....Arlyn?) But.

I have my regular ear piercings, a 14-ga in my upper ear, a nose piercing,

and a tattoo from hip to hip, a big old triax in the middle with two crescent moons (tiny) on either side, and then some Celtic knotwork extended about 7 inches on either side (about 2 in by 16 in) I just got the outline touched up and a bunch of shading done a week ago.

My next ink will be two palm-sized butterflies on each shoulder, full color, one hot colors, one cold colors. I have a very specific, very original butterfly I draw. No flash for me! I designed the one I do have myself as well. Next will be my own heart-shaped ivy done twisted around my ankle. Not an anklet... like from the top of the foot to mid-calf.

I LOVE the artist I have found now. He's been in a couple mags and a few shows, and he rocks. The shading I just had done should have taken 2, 2 and a half hours, and he did it in one, and did a fantastic job. I almost cried when I saw it. Bad thing is, he usually works in 3-hr blocks... which means 300$ at a time (well, more than that) unless I get lucky like last time and fill in for a cancellation.

So that was the long answer to a short question, ey?
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None of boths!......I´m afraid of Nedlees...
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Originally Posted by CoolCat View Post
None of boths!......I´m afraid of Nedlees...
Me too!!!
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Originally Posted by CoolCat View Post
None of boths!......I´m afraid of Nedlees...
Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Me too!!!
Me too! Unless it leaves a piece of metal or a pretty pattern or picture behind!

Mad, I know!
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