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I've signed up because I want to loose some weight, especially since I no longer fit into my size 14 (UK) jeans and had to resort to buying a size 16 trouser for work!!!! GRRRRRRRRR!

So in support for Juliekit... I'm going to start this program on Monday! Basically because I'm only being paid Sunday and I'll go shopping for healthier food on Sunday afternoon!

I'm not a junkfood addict, nor do I cook anything in oil or eat unhealthily, I just think that I eat too much at the wrong times of the day!

Anyone else going to sign up and start a new TSC Sparkpeople support group? The program will begin for us all on Monday. We need all measurements... Bust, Waist, hips and height by then as well as weight and preferred goal weight. We will also have a goal weight date in which we would like to achieve our weightloss in.

Hope we'll have many new members to our group and have the support of the older members too!

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So no-one then? That is dissapointing!

Acutally, I'm just trying to keep this thread at the top so that EVERYONE see's it!
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There is already a TCS group on SparkPeople
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
There is already a TCS group on SparkPeople
Yep, I'm on there
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I am on there too. Brandil21! If you do a sparkteam search for TCSers you will fin there are quite a few of us!! See you there!
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Okay... I joined... I've been doing well with the weight loss, but some more rigidity (esp with exercise) will help me go faster!

I'm angelwolfe on there.
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Welcome - I wondered who that was
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I'm there! AussieSarah
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I'm also on it, but I've been bad about actually logging anything! I have lost weight though, so yay!
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