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Allergy-free cats

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Hello, I'm a new member (and a die hard cat lover )
I, personally, don't have allergy problems, but my girlfriend does. She loves cats as much as I do and would like one for herself, but she can't have one because every time she goes near one her nose and eyes start to itch, and she sneezes a lot.

She thought she'd never be able to have a cat, but lately I've heard about a few specific races of cats that are supposed to not cause allergic reactions. The only one I can remember is the norwegian breed.

Anything you can tell me about this? I usually don't care about races, pedigrees and such, but if there really are some allergy-free ones I might actually be willing to pay for one.
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There are some cats that are claimed to be allergy free, there is a huge waiting list, from what I understand, and they are going for about $3,000 USD each!

There are so many cats out there that need homes - why not look into the sphinx breed and see if she would be allergic to those?
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We don't have that kind of money.
I'm not talking about the genetically modified cats... just about some breeds which, I read, are much less prone to cause allergy. I've been told the LaPerm is one such breed.
Also: I'm sure Sphinx cats are just as much fun to have as other cats, but... well, we just don't like furless cats. Sorry...
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