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cat not getting along with dogs or other cat...help?

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My new kitten who's about 4 months old isnt getting along with my other 3 pets which consists of two dogs and another cat. She is very clingy and loves to be held be people somtimes she climbs up on my shoulder when she is frightened by the dogs. My other cat when i first got her, it didnt take long for her to get used to the dogs. but this new kitten is different she's extremely clingy to people and afraid of the other pets. what should i do to get them to at least get along well enough to where they won't fight when close to another.
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I have 2 dogs and a cat. When we had 1 of each it was great. They loved each other and played with each other. When we got the 2nd dog (puppy) the 1st dog dropped the cat as a playment for the new dog and that is when the problems started. However, now after 6 months everything is starting to settle down. The new dog is now used to the cat and they can walkpassed each other-- and while they do not play like they used to we bought more cat toys and my daughter who adores the cat takes more to to play with the cat so he can get the exersize and interaction that he lost.

The point is time should help build comfort for everyone. Your new kitten is overwhelmed and everyone else is just curious about her (which will get old over time). So hang in there, and as the kitten grows up things should change.
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It takes time. Pharah, Molly, and Kovu didn't get along when I first got Pharah, but as time passed they got along and each day they improved until now when Molly treats Pharah like a baby. Pharah still doesn't get along with the dogs, but she is getting used to them.

Molly and Kovu didn't like the dogs either. But now they get along great and cuddle with each other.

Just takes time.
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Aw bless her, I think CatatonicCat is right - theres probably way too much going on for the little mite - and as you know all kitties are very different
Just give her time to settle, maybe you could give her some time on her own so she can feel more confident - then introduce your other cat into the room - obviously monitoring the situation - she will grow confident as time goes on and I bet in a few months they will all be best of buddies

Heres sending lots of be strong {{{{{vibes}}}}} for your kitty and my fur-crew send lots of for your kitty & you

Good luck - keep us posted !
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