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meow meow

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Hello every one I was on this weekend explaining that my cat has been throwing up for 3-4 days. Everyone suggested that we take him to the vet, so we did. He seems alot better now. They could not find any problems with him just that he must have developed a food allergy. Thank you all for your concern over our meow meow (thats his name).
Sukie and Dustin
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Thank goodness your baby is OK. Thank goodness you got her to the vet's. Sorry for the worry, but checking it out is always the best way to go.

Many happy headbuts and thankful licks from KittenKiya's Clan to your household.
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I'm glad that meow meow is feeling better!
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Well 1st of all - welcome to TCS - its great here and as you know lots of advice and suuport !

Its good news about yout kitty - they do cause us some worry dont they !!

Once you get settled in maybe you could post us some photos of you kitty - meow-meow

We love photos here

Enjoy the forums !
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