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Monday DT

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Well, it's Monday. What else can I say? J/K

It is a beautiful day out today. Highs in the mid-70s, partly cloudy. It's so nice to be able to leave the windows open and get some fresh air without baking in the heat.

We're working on getting everything together for the move on Saturday & Sunday. Earl still hasn't done much of anything and he has a very busy schedule this week. A woman's work is never done. I'll forgive him if all the people he lined up to help us move actually show up, though. I can do the packing, but I can't move the big furniture by myself.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!
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The weather here is cooler too. The kids will be back in school in a couple of weeks and it doesn't seem possible that summer is almost over. I am taking some vacation time this week and I will be getting some things done around the house.

Heidi, I hope everything goes well during your move this weekend. I am also hoping to move soon; I found a house that I am seriously interested in and I will be going back for another look at it sometime this week. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!
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Its 102 and its Monday. What more can one say?
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Originally posted by Katbe
Its 102 and its Monday
Here's one good thing Cindy, you guys have lower humidity out there than my part of the country does. For example, yesterday morning the humidity here was at 95% at 7 a.m. Can you imagine what your heat index in Arizona would be like if you had 95% humidity????????????
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At the moment, its 61%. That's bad enough.
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