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You were born unwanted and alone. Someone dropped you off in a small box over night. Suddenly you found life bound by a metal cage.

Though you sat patiently waiting for someone to adopt you, you could not help your anxiousness to just get out of that metal box.
Why was I the only one who saw your beauty?
Why was I the only one who saw that your rough play was only play and not agressive behavior?
Why was I the only one who tried to work with you?
Every day you would see me through that pane of glass that welcomes people to the shelter. Your beautiful golden eyes shown with love and playfulness. The mane around your neck was as soft as angora.
Your purr was a resounding melody to my heart.
Every day you would sit beautifully and wait patienly for your turn to play.
Every day til this past Saturday.

Oh god why did i try to work with that new heartless wench who runs our shelter? I gave my own $$ to keep you alive, i begged not to do anything until i had a chance to save you. But she used every plea and every complaint as a reason to put your life to an end. There was plenty of room at the inn. there is plenty of food for all of the animals. I just dont understand why, But the first day i was away from the shelter...she killed you.
I am so sorry i let you down my furry friend.
Your death broke my heart.
Please remember me over the bridge.

God bless the unwanted for they have no others.
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oh good grief How devestating this must be for you, my words can not help but I am so very sorry. I weep for both you & Max right now.

play at the bridge sweet Max, there you are loved and will feel no heartache... you can play and play and play until your heart is content. There are no metal cages there, just fields and fields of endless grass. Run free little one - please know, there was someone here who loved you very much.

RIP Max - I will light a candle to guide you home

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I am so sorry for the loss of Max. He is in a loving home, now, forever free.

Max, you are a TCS kitty. Please join with all the other beloved (and those who were overlooked on earth) kitties in are now considered "ours" and are loved by many. Someday at the reunion party, you will have a place with us. No more cages, no more pain, just us loving you on your terms.

I'm so sorry for your loss, Middletown. What an awful thing to happen when you were working on getting Max out of there. Sweet baby, he is safe now.
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Originally Posted by Middletown View Post
God bless the unwanted for they have no others.
They have us.

God bless you and your efforts; I am so very sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace Max, no-one is caged or unwanted at the bridge.
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Oh God Bless the little mite Max - my heart is breaking with you - no words could express how I feel after reading your post - heres sending lots of warm thoughts to let you know you did your best and Max knows you loved him with all your heart

RIP little one and run over the bridge to play with all your fur-friends - you are forever safe now
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Oh my how awful! Max knew of your love, he will be waiting for you. Play happily dear Max, you will never be caged again
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I can't understand what happened to my reply from last night Anyway, I lit a candle in the office in tribute to Max today; and a client enjoyed the candle so much, that I explained about Max, and she said to let you know that she is lighting a candle tonight in Max's honor too.
You did so much for Max - I am glad that he knew moments of pleasure, love and admiration from you. And I am grateful that you are there to be in the shelter - how awful for the cats there if they didn't have you to come see them. As for the heartless wench, every sad deed she does makes her heart emptier and emptier...
Look down from Heaven, dear Max, and see the candles all over the world shining for you...
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RIP, Max, knowing that somebody cared for you, and many others have been touched by your sad fate.
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I feel so bad for you and Max, but at least he was able to know a good person like you.

I'm sure you will meet Max over the bridge.
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I a m so sorry i can tell you loved max so much and i am sure he loved you too and is thankful for the time he did have with you. Hugs you way.
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I still cant get Max out of my mind nor my heart
I finally had a chance to upload the only real picture i have of this little guy.

I hope that you are playing without worry nor fear my little friend.

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Hugs to you in your grief. I am so sorry. Little Max, look for a big black and white tuxedo who is a sweetie. His name is Max too and he will be a wonderful companion for you. Rest in peace little fellow. You are still loved.
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