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I Have The Cat Books

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I got the cat books today so I will be reading them tonight. Next in line is Jugen. I will be sending out the cat books to her as soon as I finish. Does anyone know her address?
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Nena I am glad you checked in. Just send Jugen a PM or email after you have read the book and added your pics and she will send you the information. I am glad to see these books are still traveling!
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Wow! Miracles do occur!
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I do believe they are getting closer and closer to their final destination!
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I'm here, I'm here. exhausted but alive. I'll pm you my addy ok...
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Phssst... what cat books?
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In a time long.... long.... ago, in a galaxy far... far... away, an idea was conceived to send out one very short book about cats to different members of this catsite who might be interested. They would in turn read this book, add a photo or two of their own cats or themselves, and send the book on the next member. At the first stop, the book hit a snag and came to rest for quite awhile. Calls were put out, a reward was offered for the return of the lost book, until finally in desperation, another book bearing the same title was purchased and it was started on the Journey To Anne...Lo and behold, when the second book arrived at the newest destination, so did the first! So now there were two books to go on the journey together, one would go overseas to pick up the international members while the other stayed in the United States. But so much time had passed, the international members were no longer interested in the project, so the two books are now together and I believe they only have 5 more stops to make before ultimately resting with Anne, the creator of this website. I am just glad that those who have been in receipt of these books so far have all said "it was well worth the wait." Each member has written something personal in the book as well to Anne, and perhaps to each other, I don't know? I was the original sender of the first book and it haven't seen it since. I am just glad it is not lost, and because of the time spent finding it again, no one else has been added to the list other than the original 25.

You'll have to excuse me, it's 104 degrees right now and I am a bit woozy with the heat and it is affecting my brain.
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Hey Barb....no huge hurry on getting them out to me (I think I am after you) because I won't be feeling like getting to the post office for awhile to send them on...and I also have a few cat pictures on the roll that is in my camera now, that I want to add to the book, and will finish up that roll when I take baby pictures...and then have to turn them in to be developed and wait several days to get them back.
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Well, at least the cat books will make it to somebody who just had a baby, even if it isn't Anne.
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This new(ish) overseas member would LOVE to sign the book, include photos etc.

The only thing is the cost. Obviously to ship it across to Europe/Australia would start incurring costs. How would that be managed? How are you managing dividing up the costs sending it around the US (which ain't exactly tiny . . .)

I don't mind coughing up a contribution if others don't mind pitching in (I include Belgium, Switzerland and Germany in this as well).

Will the book get scanned and published as downloadable pdfs on the site once complete?
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I was kind of wondering the same thing, about the cost...does anyone have any idea how much it costs to send something to Isreal? That is the next stop after me. I don't think it would weigh very much... I just want to have a rough idea before I send it on, just so I am prepared.
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Actually Yola, the books aren't going to anyone but who is on the original list. So once Debby gets them she will send them to Anne which is their final destination.

You asked Yola about The "cost" of sending the books here in the Us, which indeed isn't tiny!! Postal rates here are extremely affordable, a small box with a book or two isn't more than $4 or $5.

Debby, it'll probably cost you around $10 to mail to Israel. I mail overseas quite often ,and as long as you choose " surface mail" and not airmail, the cost should be very reasonable.
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Debby, the books are quite lightweight so that will work in your favor as well.

I wanted them to be read by Anne when she was pregnant with Ron- how funny how this worked out that a pregnant woman does finally get to see them! This project was started almost a year ago- if these books could talk I wonder what they would say?
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Oh heck, that doesn't sound bad at all!!! (the cost) I really thought it would be alot more!!!

Hissy.....if those books could talk, they would probably say they are ready to go home to Anne anytime now!!
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I'm so glad the books were found!

Debby--Congrats on your new !
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I will be sending out the books as soo as I find picture of Rascal. Sorry its taking so long, I am waiting for a paycheck o that I can develop the pictures. By the way, I found hte person above Jugen is DebbieA. She is cross out and rewritten again. Is DebbieA still participating or should I send the book to Jugen?
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Nena if she is re-written in then she is participating. I heard from her after the book left so I asked Deb25 to pencil her in. Debbie A still does want to read this book
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