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Beazy update

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Beazy is doing very well. She has gained weight, is active, alert and affectionate.

She is still not eating on her own. I'm syringe feeding her three times a day.

Although I am giving her 1/4 of a 10 mg. pepcid each morning, she still gags when she sniffs at food. Should I increase this?

None of the fur from where she was shaved for catheter and ultrasounds has started to grow back. I'm a little worried by this but don't know what to do.

The Denosyl has arrived, but as she's doing well I don't know if I should give it to her. Any input?

We both thank you all!!
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I have had two different vets recommend 1/2 of a 10 mg pill of pepcid per day. I don't know anything about the other medicine you mentioned.
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Thanks, Denice. Maybe I'll up her dose.
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I'm glad to hear she is doing well. She probably isn't well enough yet to grow her fur in. When our cat Much had some surgery, her fur grew in very quickly and the vet said it was because she was healthy and I think processing proteins properly.

Concentrate on getting her stronger and the fur will come back eventually. Keeping prayers and vibes coming to you.
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Kate, I had not read about the problems Beazy has been through but just went back then and had a quick read. I am so pleased to hear that things seem to be looking alot brighter for her.

I cant offer advise but I can offer alot of support

thinking of you both
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Thanks-I guess I should've given a re-cap.
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That is all good news - I wouldn't worry about her fur - it will happen when her body can cope with it. Just concentrate on getting her well.
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I've been wondering how Beazy (and you) are doing, Kate. I would up the dosage of the Pepcid, maybe 1/4 tablet 2x daily. I'm not sure what the other med is for so can't give advice on that. Are you giving her some form of milk thistle? How is the jaundice? Are you giving her IV fluids?
As the others have said, her fur will grow back when she's healthy. I know it must seem as if you've been force-feeding her forever, but sometimes it can take several months before a cat decides to start eating on their own. The fact that she still gags when smelling food, IMO, means she's not near that point yet. The best thing you can do for dear Beazy is keep up the meds & feedings; don't stop feeding her, assuming that she'll eat on her own if she gets hungry enough.
I know how exhausting & frustrating this can be at times; I think you're doing a fabulous job with your baby. Sending loads of (((((healing vibes))))) to Beazy.
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Hi Kate - Glad to see you back here with an update on Beazy. Sounds like things have really improved!

I can't advise you about whether or not you should increase the Pepcid dose; ideally, of course, you should consult a vet - obviously that's not so easy given where you are! Reglan (metoclopramide) is a med that might help Beazy with the gagging (a sign of nausea), but it's prescription and might be unavailable in Russia.

As far as giving Denosyl, it would help if you had Beazy's liver values from recent bloodwork. Liver values change slowly, unlike some other organs - it can take weeks to see changes. If her liver values are only slightly out of normal, it may not be necessary for Beazy to take the Denosyl. It depends on the bloodwork results.

You can see your efforts with Beazy are really paying off - what a difference from her condition when you first posted about her!
Keep up the great work and please continue to update us!
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Things HAVE really improved. I'm so grateful! But, now I'm worried because I'm booked to go to a conference in Nice in a few weeks. I'll be gone for three days. There are no kennelling options here. I can have someone come in and fill her food bowls, but I don't think I can find anyone to syringe-feed her.

Her jaundice is completely gone and has been for weeks. She is not getting any IV fluids. Stools and urine are fine. She has put on weight on her spine. She was really bony and fragile for awhile there. She is still gagging when she smells food-even on the 1/2 tab dose of pepcid. Do you think 2 doses of 1/4 tablet is better than 1 dose of 1/2 tablet? I have no idea which would be better...

She is active and playful again. I know she is getting hungry b/c she wakes me up every morning!! She's not keen on the syringe, but she is hungry.

I'm so grateful for all the good advice I've received here. Without all of you, I wouldn't have my cat!

Hopefully I'll have more good news soon!
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What wonderful news, Kate! Do you think it would be possible for the veterinary clinic to board and syringe-feed her when you go to Nice?
that she's eating on her own by then.
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Kate, I'm so happy to hear the Beazy keeps improving !
Concerning the Pepcid--I would give it 2x daily, 1/4 tab each time. If that doesn't help with her nausea, you could up it to 1/2 tab 2x daily. I really wouldn't go with any higher dosage than that without checking with your vet (assuming he'd know what you were talking about )

Are you offering Beazy food now before you syringe feed? She probably won't eat on her own yet (since she's still gagging), but you never know. Since she's waking you up to eat, she may just need that little push to get her going again. From what I've read, lots of cats seem to go for cheap, stinky food when they resume eating. You might even want to try putting little bits of moist food (cat food, tiny bits of cooked chicken, tuna, etc) in her mouth to see if she'll eat it.

I really hope she begins to eat before you have to leave her. Have you thought of taking her with you? I've read about people doing that when they're syringe feeding. I'm still sending those (((((healing vibes))))) to your girl.
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