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Help... My room has become a cat litter!

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Hi, I've just adopted a cat 7 or 8 months old. I've had him two weeks. He was said to have been an indoor cat cared by an elderly woman who was recently put in a home. But it seems that the cat has never been potty trained . He started going under the bed. The first time, I moved my bed and cleaned it up. I put him in the litter box, and scratched around, scratched in the box with his paws. And he keeps going under the bed. My bed is big, and I can't easily get under it. So it's hard to be constantly be moving it. After a few days I bought a bottle of woolite stain remover, moved my bed, cleaned everything up, and just went to town on the carpet with the bottle. I ended up using the whole thing. Tried to show him the litter box again. He continued going under there and before I knew it my whole room became a giant litter box!

It's so horrible. I can barely even go in there anymore. I sleep out in the living room on the couch. And I keep all my clothes in the living room because anything that sits in my room smells. I don't know what to do. Is there any way to teach him to use the litter? I know my best bet is to get the carpet professional cleaned or get the carpet replaced... but I'm afraid that he'll continually ruin it. My family is moving out in a few months, and me and my brother are going to move into an apartment and this definitely can't continue there! Please help!
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Buy some Nature's Miracle (enzymatic cat odour remover - it is 'miraculous') and follow directions. Then immediately start training him to the box - try another litter if necessary, take off the box cover if there's one on it (some cats don't like it), etc. etc.
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Maybe it you put the box under the bed?? Possibly he is used to *going* in a more enclosed area?? I have found that with puppies, If they insist on using a certain area, it.s just easier to put the papers there, and slowley move them to where you want..Good luck, I really hope you can figure this out..
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Put the kitty and the box in the bathroom while you aren't home. If you are home make sure you watch him closely and when he starts to go to the bathroom in an inapropriate place pick him up (yes even while he is going) and quickly put in the littler box.
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You need to borrow or buy a large dog crate and cage your kitty with food/litter pan until he is consistant. I'm willing to bet the cat was never really trained with the elderly person - he/she allowed the cat to pee/poop whereever.

Then get some Nature's Miricles or some very strong pet carpet cleaner and thoroughly clean your carpet. You might even hire a professional and explain the situation so they can bring the proper (and cat-safe) cleaner.

But keep the cat confined in a large crate or a cleanable room (like tile, etc.) where you can clean up.
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