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Litterbox problems

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Hi Everyone.

Our mum cat is litter trained - but she doesn't seem to be teaching the babies the same. They are weeing all over the house, in one spot in particular. I try to just pick them up - (when i catch them) and place them gently in the litterbox and scrape their little front paws.......otherwise I try to wait until after they have fed/eaten...and take them in there.
I thought Mum cat would take care of it...so am a little confused.......Any tips? The pee is driving me crazy! and I would like to send the kittens to their homes trained...so that they can just be a pleasure!!!
Thanks for your help
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sorry the only other thing you can do , is when they poo somewhere there not ment to put the poo in the box.
Everything else your doing seem's to be fine that's all i had to do with mine , are you making sure the litter box is clean? , good luck
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Yeah, doing the best I can to make sure its clean all the time.
I just thought Mum would show them? Oh well. thanks for the tip.
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Did you put a really shallow litterpan out for them? Maybe they can't get into the box yet?
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Little kitties can't hold it, they have to go NOW so you'll need to have several litter pans available for them.
Disposable lasagne pans work great, they are low enough for kittens to get in and out of easily.
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