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Just thought i'd say hi, i just registered today, I had a cat, she died a few weeks ago, her name was Daisy,
she was absolutley adorable, she was 13, she was a pretty good age bless her, she was black, we got her from a rescue 5 years ago, when we got her she was so timid, and shy she hid for a week but with our patience and love, and lots of lovely food, she eventually came round, and she turned into a beautiful loving affectionate, cat, she was a very quite little cat, she was no trouble at all she loved to be fussed and be loved she would follow you into the garden and sit next to you, she was like a dog more than a cat, she never wandered off she would always stay in or around the garden, i feel asthough theres a huge hole missing at the moment, but we are going to get another cat very soon. weve phoned around some rescue centre, and cat rescue places around my area, and hopefully we will have another lovely cat soon.
I think getting a unwanted cat meens so much more than a pedigree, theres so many unwanted and abandoned cats in the world, and so much cruelty to animals, im only to pleased to give a unwanted animal a loving and peaceful home.
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Welcome I am sorry for your loss of Daisy. Hopefully getting a new cat will ease your heart some.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!! I'm so sorry about the loss of Daisy, she sounds like she was a wonderful little cat! I am looking forward to hearing more about you and any other kitties you may adopt. Hope to see you posting often!
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Hi, and welcome to TCS. So sorry for the loss of Daisy. I have an old kitty, too, and I count myself lucky for every day I have him. All 4 of mine came to me as rescues, they make the best companions, grateful for the love and atention. I hope another kitty finds it's way to you soon.
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Welcome to the cat site. Daisy sounded like a wonderful kitty. Hopefully another Daisy will makes its way into your life really soon.
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Nice to have you at the cat site - and so sorry to hear about your loss of Daisy. We have another member in Sussex who recently lost her beloved cat in a road accident.

I coulnd't agree more about getting a rescue cat. Although most UK breeders are doing an excellent job in the responsible raising of healthy and well adjusted kittens, there is something special about helping an unwanted cat.

I am, of course biased. I've been doing voluntary marketing and advertising work for my local Cats Protection for the last few months. CP are one of the few cat charities in the UK that have a no-kill policy (something the RSPCA keep VERY quiet about . . .)

Good luck - let us know how it goes, and hope to have you chatting along soon.
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Hi, and welcome. I'm so sorry to hear you lost your Daisy. It's heartbreaking, I know. I hope the pain soon lessens and that you find another baby soon. It helps with the grieving when a new kitten needs you!
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