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Hello all,

Not sure I should post this here, but here goes

Well, after much thought and more tears., I have sadly decided not to buy another cat. I cannot go through what I went through with Lucy again. My love for cats is too strong to let this happen again. I am not sure how I would cope again. Id fall apart for sure.

But.......I am proud to announce a new arrival to my sad animal-less home!

Emma arrived today! Female (Of course!) beautiful, black and white Border Collie pup! 10 weeks old, and so pretty!

I just couldnt wait to tell you! Im so happy, but Lucy will never be forgotten

I will post a picture asap, shes very frightened at the moment, and is hiding away under my PC desk!

So, I regret I wont be coming here anymore, its too painfull. But Id like to thank you all, for your wonderful support, which has helped me immensley. I will pop by for the next few days to see how Lucy's pic is doing on the caption this forum.

Lots of love to you all

Neesey & Emma xx
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Neesey, I'm sure we all respect your decision. A border collie is a very bright dog; I have a rough collie myself, and hope I always have one. I think the day will come, however, when a needy baby kitten will find its way to you. Unfortunately, all pets die, usually before their owners, and the heartache is inevitable. It would be sad to forego years of joy because our pets will die someday. If and when the time comes for you to get another kitten, be sure to tell us. I'm sorry you're leaving; I wish you the very best.
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Thanks Jeanie.

I had, up until yesterday set my heart on another cat. We visited every re-homing centre we could find, but most of the cats there couldnt be re-homed to homes with children

I rang my local Cat Protection League, who said that the road I live in is 'Black-listed' and that they dont send cats there, due to the problem of so many cat RTA's. I respect this decision, so that helped me make my mind up.

We hope to move within a year or two, to a larger more private home, when I will be definately be getting a cat or 2!
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I'm sure Emma will bring you much joy and happiness. We will certainly miss you here, Denice, but we also understand what you are going through. When the pain eases some (Time heals all wounds...) we would love to have you back, whether or not there is a feline in your life.

Now was obviously not the right time for another cat. When the right time comes, perhaps in a few years when you move, you will know. Or perhaps some little one will find you - they do that sometimes. I think all of us with a soft spot for them have signs up that only they can see when they are in need. Just ask any of our feral rescuers - Hissy has the biggest sign of them all!
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Denice - I echo the thoughts of others here. Please stop by from time to time and tell us of your Emma
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This is my Emma
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Emma's a real cutie! Thanks for the picture. It's nice to hear from you.
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Neesey - Emma is adorable! Thank you for sharing her pic with us. How about posting one in the lounge so everyone can drool over her?
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Just done that

Its a different picture though, it wouldnt let me post the same one
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Awwwwwwwwwww! What a cute puppy!
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